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Embodied Methods to explore chemical relationships

  1. with Jemma Woolmore and Pati Masłowska
22 June 2024

This is a workshop to share and develop ways of knowing our bodies and the chemicals inside them. Collectively we will explore embodied approaches using the senses, materials and movement to find different ways of knowing chemicals and their relationships with us.

empty urban lot with grass, trees, rubble. In the background a mural of a little girl on the firewall of an apartment building
event | Workshop

Hidden Colours

  1. Inkmaking with Plants in Urban Space
  2. Käthe Wenzel
13 - 14 July 2024

Workshop on urban ink and dye extraction from plants, soil and waste.

90% of modern paints are made from petrochemical products. Until the 20th century, the local and more environmentally friendly production of natural paints was commonplace as a technology both in the studio and in the home. Even today, inks and paints can be made from materials collected in urban areas

a sample of bioplastics made by the artist
event | Residency, Talk, Workshop

If You Are Reading This

  2. Elizabeth Shores
Residency (23 - 25 May) and Workshop (25 May)

In connection with their spring studio residency at Art Laboratory Berlin, artist educator Elizabeth Shores invites the public to learn more about their current artistic practices between 23 until 25 May. There will be an artist talk and workshop on 25 May 2024.

Drawing of a stencil white on black background
event | Workshop

Full Auto Typeface

  1. Workshop
  2. Kristina Stallvik and Full Auto Foundry
24 March 2024

a workshop hosted by full auto foundry in collaboration with the publishing project, cover crop. Full auto is a type foundry that explores how processes of automation can influence the design of typefaces. Using analog tools, participants are encouraged to draw letterforms without thinking too much about what the letter should be.

A person smelling a tree
event | Workshop

Scents of Solastalgia (SoS)

  1. An Eco-Sensory workshop
  2. Tarsh Bates and Alanna Lynch
17 March 2024

Have you noticed that the smells around you have changed? Do you miss the old smells or love the new ones?

Aromas are everywhere and affect us and the life around us in ways that words can’t describe. Changes in the smells of the world around us can have a significant impact on how we feel physically and emotionally but we don’t usually notice unless it smells bad. Construction and climate change cause some of the biggest changes at the moment, but we don’t have a lot of control over these.

Hands touching objects, rock, an orange, on a floor. covered with natural glue. More objects strewn along the floor.
event | Workshop

Permeable Bodies

  1. Sticking with the Trouble
  2. Workshop | With Mary Maggic (on-site!)
26 November 2023 (on-site!) The Workshop is fully booked out.

The workshop explores the use of “stickiness” as both a practice and discourse for resistance, messiness, and alien knowledging. In a series of exercises that involve scavenging, blind sensing, and cooking with stickiness, participants embrace the entangled glue that binds us to disobedient relations, no matter how hard we try to separate them.

a drawing of a woman in foreground. in background same woman as teenager in 20s in 40s in 50s in 60s . Text: EXPLORE MENOPAUSE. It could be the best time of your life. Femininity beyond fertility
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  1. Explore Menopause: It Could Be the Best Time of Your Life!
  2. Workshop | With Nicola Hochkeppel
17 November 2023

With the removal of taboos, education and empowerment, it becomes clear how much good menopause can do for women, our environment and the community. The workshop provides an entertaining explanation of the basic biological phases and symptoms associated with menopause. The question however, of why we still associate femininity with fertility leads directly to political issues also discussed in the workshop.

Illustration in bright colors, a red lobster, a yellow pillow, a white tampon applicator a white vial all on a light blue background
event | Workshop


  1. We’re not Lobsters! Queering, Decolonizing and Hacking Menstruation
  2. Workshop | With Flo Razoux and Aouefa Amoussouvi
2 - 3 December 2023

The collective 2-day experiment aims to decolonize and queer our perceptions of menstruation. Participants will be invited to share their experiences and examine the representations of menstruation and its rituals. The group will also explore how to access and make use of scientific and technological knowledge, and understand bias.

a person and sound recorder touching the soil
event | Workshop


  1. Capturing Leakage: Body Flows and Material Investigations
  2. Workshop | With Karolina Żyniewicz and Charlotte Roschka
14 - 15 October 2023

The workshop is based on the methodology of artistic research: conceptualization, sampling, and exploration. The crucial aspect of the project is building a narration based on writing, photographs, videos, sound, electromagnetic recordings, and material samples from the Panke River and Soldiner Kiez.

event | Workshop

Exposing the Invisible: Data, Rendering and Code

  1. Workshop | With HyungJun Park and Juha Lee
23 - 24 September 2023

In the framework of the exhibition “ARTIFICIAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Exposing the Invisible: Data, Rendering and Code”, the artist HyungJun Park and the co-curator Juha Lee lead one-to-one workshop sessions with participants who signed up for dedicated slots on 23 and 24 September 2023. If you would like to join with a friend, family member or partner, please mention this in the notes section.

a laboratory vial filled with soil and green biomaterial, held by fingers
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  1. Hydrofeminist Ecologies
  2. Workshop | With Sarah Hermanutz, Fara Peluso, India Mansour
16 September 2023

The art, design and science trio continue their ongoing collaborations along the Panke River. Flowing together formats of reading groups, meditative sensory experience, DIY and traditional methods of scientific inquiry, and discussions both affirmative and critical, this workshop invites fluid practices of connection and care between and beyond humans.

event | Workshop


  1. Koji Workshop
  2. Workshop | ink Agop
26 - 27 November 2022

The Koji workshop by ink Agop introduces the symbiotic relationship between microorganisms and human cultural activities by demonstrating the connection between Koji mould and food culture in Japan. Participants make rice koji and experience the multiple parallel fermentation processes using koji, yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

event | Workshop


  1. Algature Workshop
  2. Workshop | Fara Peluso
12 November 2022

The workshop connects practices of DIY biology with art and design. Through a participatory format, the audience from different backgrounds are involved in an immersive experience with algae’s ecology, a DIY photo-bioreactor prototyping and a discussion on speculative practice focused on raising more awarenesse about daily habits.

event | Workshop


  1. The Materiality of Ghosts
  2. Workshop | Cammack Lindsey
30 October 2022

In this workshop we will explore ghosts in relation to historical and environmental relics with intimate discussions, readings, and written poetry. We will experiment with our voices and harmonies, while learning about breathing and our body resonance to amplify our stories together in a final composition of our poems through a performance.

event | Workshop


  1. Wetland Ecologies: Life in Transitional Zones 
  2. Workshop | Sarah Hermanutz, India Mansour, Fara Peluso
8 October 2022

In the workshop the artist, the designer and the biologist will introduce the participants to the river Panke and changing perceptions of wetlands and essential ecosystems – through situating, storytelling, contextualizing, experiencing, sampling, examining, collaborating.