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DIY Hack the Panke

  1. (Un)Real Ecologies. Microplastics
  2. Kat Austen and Frithjof Glowinski
13 - 14 April 2019

How do organisms and microorganisms exist with microplastics? We will investigate water samples and will use DIY chemistry methods to separate microplastics from mineral and organic matter, and discover the origins of the plastics they find by creating density columns.

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DIY Hack the Panke

  1. Panke Life. Microbiodiversity
  2. Sarah Hermanutz | India Mansour | Fara Peluso
26 May 2019

The workshops invites to investigate artistically and scientifically microbial life and ecologies of an urban waterway. The workshop will explore the river Panke and floodplain as microbial habitats, with special emphasis on water, sediment and soil along the riverbanks.

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DIY Hack the Panke

  1. Wasserpank | Workshop & Jam Session
  2. Kat Austen and Nenad Popov
5 October 2019

Artist and chemist Kat Austen together with sound and new media artist Nenad Popov take the Panke river and its water as a starting point for this exciting workshop on sound experimentation from water and the environment, experimenting with hydrophone recordings.

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DIY Hack the Panke

  1. Science by Doing
  2. With students from the Gustav-Freytag Schule
February - December 2019

The project offered the pupils of the Gustav-Freytag-Schule a wide range of events about the river Panke. Through workshops and visits the art science collective DIY Hack the Panke made it possible for students to artistically explore biology, chemistry, design and ecology.

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DIY Hack the Panke

  1. Microplastics and Coexistence | Online Workshop Discussion
  2. Kat Austen and Joana MacLean
22 April 2020

Central to the discussion is the coexistence of microplastics in the environment. Approaching the plastisphere as artists, chemists and biologists, trees and bacteria, humans and particles, we will negotiate together a plan of coexistence with microplastics on this planet.

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Mind the Fungi

  1. Material Driven Design | Workshop
  2. Fara Peluso
6 May 2020

Based on material driven design methodologies Fara Peluso in this workshop explores possibilities and limits of mycelium-based materials. The participants discuss and work together on growing material, building sculptures, and drawing and cutting patterns on a new material made of biofilm.

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