The Materiality of Ghosts

Workshop | Cammack Lindsey

Art Laboratory Berlin welcomes you to our autumn series PANKE INTERVENTIONS with various events by artists and scientists related to the river Panke.

Ghosts are material and they are acting in our physical realities, speaking to us from within pockets of past, future, and present time. How do material conditions determined by a capitalist system affect our mental state, and possibly induce visions of ghosts? As reflections of nature, our memories and environment, ghosts appear through language, noise, smell, color and shapes of lights and hues. How can mysticism and magic through our encounters with ghosts be used to question our mechanicalized bodies and commodified labor-power? How can science be a tool in transforming our ghosts into collective material bodies that can act, protest and rebel as weapons against our precarity?

In this workshop we will explore these themes in relation to historical and environmental relics with intimate discussions, readings, and written poetry. We will experiment with our voices and harmonies, while learning about breathing and our body resonance to amplify our stories together in a final composition of our poems through a performance. The conditions of the final outcome will also be discussed and decided within the group so that everyone is comfortable.

Cammack Lindsey, is an artist whose practice includes BioArt DIY techniques and political musical theater, expanding this space to redistribute stolen futures through performances and installations, they work together with code, voice, sound, & the materialization of magic, ghosts, and clouds. Based in Berlin, they produced their first 8-hour musical with M.I/mi1glissé at Acker Stadt Palast in May 2017 and in 2019, premiered their most recent musical composition ‘ ∫ ( { } )_ visible window’, releasing the recording online with the label Quantum Natives. Their works have been presented in Berlin at KW, State Studio, HAU, Art Laboratory Berlin and internationally at Cafe Oto (London), Ars Electronica (Linz), RIXC Open Fields (Riga) and Encuentro Tecnofeminista (Mexico City).


Art Laboratory Berlin
Prinzenallee 34, 13359 Berlin
Panke River

Date and time

30 October 2022, on-site
1 – 6 pm


10 EUR / 7 EUR
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The workshop has a very limited capacity, therefore registration necessary.


Cammack Lindsesy


Regine Rapp, Tuçe Erel, Christian de Lutz

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