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Circular object on black backround
event | Residency

Sending Occulto 8 to Print

  1. A Temporary Editorial Office as Performance, Organic Exhibition, and Non-systematic Archive
  2. Editorial Residency with Alice Cannavà
10 May - 7 July 2024

Occulto’s publisher Alice Cannavà will be in residence at Art Laboratory Berlin from 10 May until 7 July 2024 editing and designing the upcoming issue Occulto 8: Photographic, to be released in July. The temporary editorial studio at ALB offers the opportunity to open up and make visible the work behind the birth of a magazine, uncovering its performative potential and the richness of its byproducts and side-effects.

a sample of bioplastics made by the artist
event | Residency, Talk, Workshop

If You Are Reading This

  2. Elizabeth Shores
Residency (23 - 25 May) and Workshop (25 May)

In connection with their spring studio residency at Art Laboratory Berlin, artist educator Elizabeth Shores invites the public to learn more about their current artistic practices between 23 until 25 May. There will be an artist talk and workshop on 25 May 2024.

event | Residency, Talk

Echoes from Waterlands

  1. Presentation of Winter Studio Residencies
  2. Fara Peluso | Sarah Hermanutz
27 - 29 January 2023

In connection with their winter studio residencies at Art Laboratory Berlin, artist designer Fara Peluso and artist Sarah Hermanutz will invite the public to learn more about their cuartistic practices on from 27 until 29 January 2023, with a public conversation on 29 January 2023.

event | Residency

Signs of the Times

  1. Artist Residency
  2. Karolina Żyniewicz
10 January - 15 February 2022

During her residency at ALB artist Karolina Żyniewicz will use the exhibition space for her new project “Signs of the Times”: After having collecting numerous masks in Berlin, the artists started to interview people and communicate with them about their individual mask experience.