A man with blue glove stands on one side of a table with laboratory equipment talking to a group of people on the other side of the table
event | Meet up, Talk


  1. Georg Tremmel, Hideo Iwasaki, Henry Tan, Soyoon Ryu, HyungJun Park, Elaine Regina, Art Laboratory Berlin
11 February 2024

During the pandemic Art Laboratory Berlin and BioClub Tokyo arranged a series of 14 online meetings between hybrid artists and associates virtually connecting Berlin with Tokyo as well as other locations. We are happy to present VIRAL CLOUD Reloaded together with our colleagues for an afternoon/evening of short talks and discussions

close up of a sculpture, circles with metal mesh, yellowish cat to the photograph
event | Colloquium


  1. Research in Art, Science and Humanities
  2. With Kristina Stallvik and Louise Mackenzie
17 October 2023

The Colloquium addresses an international interdisciplinary research audience to present and discuss past, present or future projects by artists, scholars, curators or editors from the fields of art, science and the humanities, focusing on the work-in-progress.

a laboratory vial filled with soil and green biomaterial, held by fingers
event | Workshop


  1. Hydrofeminist Ecologies
  2. Workshop | With Sarah Hermanutz, Fara Peluso, India Mansour
16 September 2023

The art, design and science trio continue their ongoing collaborations along the Panke River. Flowing together formats of reading groups, meditative sensory experience, DIY and traditional methods of scientific inquiry, and discussions both affirmative and critical, this workshop invites fluid practices of connection and care between and beyond humans.

event | Talk


  1. Self-Care
  2. Artist Talk with Lyndsey Walsh
25 June 2023

Self-Care is Lyndsey Walsh’s artistic attempt to reckon with ruptures in their identity caused by the rising use of genetic diagnostics in medicine. Using Lyndsey’s own body, Self-Care weaves a narrative about health, gender, and identity that seeks to resist the confines of the medical gaze. This talk will explore the larger body of research that has given way to Lyndsey’s artwork.

event | CLUB Night


  1. CLUB Night
  2. With the OCTOPUSSYNTRIC Collective and DJ Sets by Mieko Suzuki & Baby Vulture (a.k.a. Daniela Huerta)
16 June 2023

The women FLINTA* only CLUB Night starts with the OCTOPUSSYNTRIC performance, based on a 2-day long workshop of the same title at the MATTER OF FLUX Festival. After the performance, Mieko Suzuki and Baby Vulture (a.k.a Daniela Huerta) will take over the DJ deck throughout the night.

event | Festival, Festival


  1. Festival
  2. Women/ FLINTA* in Art, Science and Technology
15 - 18 June 2023

The 4-day festival MATTER OF FLUX presents a rich and varied program from and for women/ FLINTA* in art, science and technology with panel discussions, lecture performances, numerous workshops, reading groups and other activities, including artist studio and lab visits. The festival has been generously supported by Kunstfonds’ program Neustart Kultur and is in cooperation with FEMeeting.

red- violet photograph of a person standing in water
event | Series of Events


  1. Program Overview
  2. A Series of Reading Groups, Talks, Workshops and Podcasts
May - December 2023

In our series we present artistic and feminist explorations of embodiment and identity in flux, as well as an investigation of our interconnection and interaction with the environment around us. With reading groups, talks, workshops and podcasts we propose a net of narratives of permeability to encompass a poetic (post)natural history of being woman throughout 2023.

event | Talk

Vicious Cycle

  1. Artistic Research on Climate Crisis
  2. Artist Talk | With Sybille Neumeyer
23 April 2023

In the framework of the exhibition Vicious Cycle there is an artist talk with Sybille Neumeyer about her work, souvenirs entomologiques #1: odonata/ weathering data. souvenirs entomologiques #1: odonata/ weathering data is a single-channel speculative video essay and installation by Sybille Neumeyer, that explores the entanglements of humans, weather and insects in a data-driven world in times of climate crisis.

event | Festival


  1. Program Overview
  2. Series with artists and scientists
August - November 2022

We use the Panke River in Berlin-Wedding as an artery for a series of interdisciplinary participatory workshops and talks with artists and scientists: Creating future visions about a green(er) world, exploring possible taphonomies of trash, discussing paths and origins of food and sharing cultural investigations and storytelling.

event | Residency, Talk

Echoes from Waterlands

  1. Presentation of Winter Studio Residencies
  2. Fara Peluso | Sarah Hermanutz
27 - 29 January 2023

In connection with their winter studio residencies at Art Laboratory Berlin, artist designer Fara Peluso and artist Sarah Hermanutz will invite the public to learn more about their cuartistic practices on from 27 until 29 January 2023, with a public conversation on 29 January 2023.

close up of a sculpture, circles with metal mesh, yellowish cat to the photograph
event | Colloquium, Reading Club

In Progress… and Inspired by…

  1. Colloquium + Reading Group
  2. A look back at 2022
6 December 2022

The Colloquium addresses an international interdisciplinary research audience to present and discuss past, present or future projects as a the work-in-progress. The Reading Club is an event series, a hybrid format derived from reading group and artist talk formats. This time two formats happen together.

event | Reading Club

Inspired by…

  1. Reading Club
  2. With Guest Artists Interspecifics
22 November 2022

Inspired by… is an event series, a hybrid format derived from reading group and artist talk formats. In each session, an invited artist will choose a specific text or excerpt from a book that was inspirational for the artist’s practice and/or a particular project that the artist will introduce.

event | Talk


  1. Notes on Somatodelia
  2. Artist Talk | Tad Ermitaño
20 November 2022

In his films and artworks Tad Ermitaño creates an uneasy field in which a facility with technology collides with a kind of postcolonial guilt slamming its head against the limits of empiricism. In this artist talk with curator Tengal Drilon, Ermitaño will discuss the methodologies behind his recent works, shown at Art Laboratory Berlin earlier this year.

event | Workshop


  1. Koji Workshop
  2. Workshop | ink Agop
26 - 27 November 2022

The Koji workshop by ink Agop introduces the symbiotic relationship between microorganisms and human cultural activities by demonstrating the connection between Koji mould and food culture in Japan. Participants make rice koji and experience the multiple parallel fermentation processes using koji, yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

event | Workshop


  1. Algature Workshop
  2. Workshop | Fara Peluso
12 November 2022

The workshop connects practices of DIY biology with art and design. Through a participatory format, the audience from different backgrounds are involved in an immersive experience with algae’s ecology, a DIY photo-bioreactor prototyping and a discussion on speculative practice focused on raising more awarenesse about daily habits.