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  1. Festival
  2. Women/ FLINTA* in Art, Science and Technology
15 - 18 June 2023

The 4-day festival MATTER OF FLUX presents a rich and varied program from and for women/ FLINTA* in art, science and technology with panel discussions, lecture performances, numerous workshops, reading groups and other activities, including artist studio and lab visits. The festival has been generously supported by Kunstfonds’ program Neustart Kultur and is in cooperation with FEMeeting.

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  1. Program Overview
  2. Series with artists and scientists
August - November 2022

We use the Panke River in Berlin-Wedding as an artery for a series of interdisciplinary participatory workshops and talks with artists and scientists: Creating future visions about a green(er) world, exploring possible taphonomies of trash, discussing paths and origins of food and sharing cultural investigations and storytelling.

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  1. Program Overview
  2. Festival with artists and scientists
September - October 2022

Art Laboratory Berlin welcomes you to the HACK THE PANKE Festival on art, science and sound in Berlin Wedding during summer 2022. The festival takes place as a part of Draussenstadt Call for Action program. All the events are free. For taking part in the workshops, it is necessary to sign up.