1. Collective Experiments in Social Fermenting
  2. Irene Agrivina | Interspecifics | Pei-Ying Lin | Cammack Lindsey | Constanza Piña Pardo | Rice Brewing Sisters Club
21 May - 10 July 2022

Following two years of social distancing and isolation Art Laboratory Berlin will devote 2022 exploring what social possibilities can be thawed and revived. The project series Hackers, Makers, Thinkers proposes that Doing it With Others (DIWO) can be a way of rebuilding and re-energizing damaged social relations. After a period when most of us have been reliant on corporate technologies, Open (source) knowledge will form a basis for making and thinking.

Above all we are interested in an open culture based on reciprocity, cooperation and exchange on a global level. Combining Berlin based artists and venues with guest artists from Latin America and Southeast Asia this project proposes art making as a tool for social empowerment and knowledge acquisition, collaboration, and working together.

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DIY Hack the Panke

  1. Learning from the River
  2. Documentary Exhibition with Artists and Scientists around the Collective
26 March - 30 April 2022

The documentary exhibition presents the research of the art science collective DIY Hack the Panke. Critically exploring the river near by the event space of Art Laboratory Berlin the group has offered public workshops on topics such as river flora, fauna and microbiology, plastic waste and pollutants. The focus has been also on bio matter as part of artistic research, the impact of history, culture and technology on the present-day Panke.

The exhibition also shows presents various art science installations by artist designer Fara Peluso, artist Sarah Hermanutz and biologist India Mansour with artist Sybille Neumeyer. The exhibition invites to reflect what Hybrid Art and shared knowledge through transdisciplinary research mean in times of ecological mega crisis in a posthuman era.

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Paired Immunity

  1. Marta de Menezes & Luís Graça
30 October - 12 December 2021

The exhibition project Paired Immunity presents two works by bio artist Marta de Menezes and her partner, the immunologist Luís Graça.In Immortality for Two Marta de Menezes and Luís Graça immortalize each other’s immune cells. This is achieved by introducing cancer-inducing genes in the cells with a viral vector. These immortal cells, although derived from two people in love, are immune cells involved in the bodily defence. If they interact, they will be mutually rejected. Thus, immortality comes at a price – perpetual isolation.

The work Anti-Marta extends on Immortality for Two, where the artist and scientist questioned the limits and understanding of their identity. In Anti-Marta a skin transplant was exchanged between Marta and Luís (with an autologous graft as control). Anti-Marta can be seen as a pact, where the inevitable rejection of the transplant contrasts with the live-long acquisition of a new form of recognition of one another afforded by the emergence of antibodies.

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Under the Viral Shadow

  1. Networks in the Age of Technoscience and Infection
  2. Anna Dumitriu | Alex May | Benjamin Bacon | Gene Kogan | Sarah Grant | Vivian Xu
28 August - 10 October 2021

This exhibition project will explore various networks – biological, cybernetic, and social – in context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have conceived a group exhibition, symposium, performances, and workshops with artists whose research and media are either in the life or computer sciences. We are particularly interested in artworks that explore biological networks, digital networks, and social networks under the pressure of new technologies.

The core of the project is the group exhibition Under the Viral Shadow which will feature internationally renowned artists such as Anna Dumitriu, Alex May, Benjamin Bacon, Gene Kogan, Sarah Grant, and Vivian Xu. The works are understood as artistic research on the interface of the biological and the technological.

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Swarms, Robots and Postnature

  1. Käthe Wenzel | So Kanno | Sofia Crespo
1 May - 27 June 2021

The exhibition project presents research based artistic positions on swarm behaviour, questioning the traditional concept of “nature” and explores the interface of the biological and the machine. Käthe Wenzel has created interfaces between the biological and the machine in her project Bone Bots. These hybrid electronic animals blur traditional categories of “technology” and “nature”.

So Kanno combines design and computer science with digital art and has been working extensively on robotic systems and swarm robotics in recent years. His new work is inspired by the synchronous behaviour of insects such as fireflies. Sofia Crespo works on the representation of artificial life and generative forms of life. One of her main focuses is the way organic life uses artificial mechanisms to simulate itself.

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  1. Transhuman Life Forms
  2. Susanna Hertrich
26 September - 29 November 2015

The works of Susanna Hertrich reflect the phenomenon of prostheses as an extension of the human in the 21st century. In the context of the latest technologies and current developments in the field of neuroscience and biology, they presents new transhuman sensory extensions

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Growing Geometries

  1. Evolving Forms
  2. Theresa Schubert
29 August - 20 September 2015

The artist Theresa Schubert conducts research at the intersection of art, biology, and technology. Her artistic practice combines various media such as audiovisual installations, photography or work on paper which deals with the phenomena of nature not only as a source of inspiration, but as a material and critical process…

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bOdy pandemOnium

  1. Immersion into Noise
  2. Joseph Nechvatal
25 April - 21 June 2015

Joseph Nechvatal is a post-conceptual artist working in digital art. He is one of the most important pioneers of new media art, but at the same time makes use of ‘old media’ (painting and drawing) created through a use of custom artificial life software and computer robotics.

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[micro]biologies II

  1. πρωτεο / proteo
  2. Joanna Hoffmann
24 January - 29 March 2015

Joanna Hoffmann’s transdisciplinary works combine art, microbiology, physics and technology. Her use of multimedia installations, 3d stereoscopy, experimental video animation and other media explore the visualization of sub-atomic and molecular as well as cosmic space.

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[micro]biologies I

  1. the bacterial sublime
  2. Anna Dumitriu
27 September - 30 November 2014

Anna Dumitriu is well known for creating The VRSA Dress & and The MRSA Quilt which were made from so-called ‘superbugs’. To create those works she grew bacteria onto textiles and used natural and clinical antibiotics to create patterns (sterilised prior to exhibition).

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[macro]biologies II

  1. organisms
  2. Suzanne Anker | Brandon Ballengée | Maja Smrekar
31 May - 20 July 2014

This exhibition highlights the works of artists dealing with multi-celled organisms. Noteworthy is both the relationship of these organisms to us, and their roles as independent actors. The exhibition focuses on the works of three remarkable, internationally recognized artists

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[macro]biologies I

  1. the biosphere
  2. Katya Gardea Browne | The Center for PostNatural History | Mathias Kessler | Alexandra Regan Toland
8 March - 4 May 2014

For [macro]biologies I: the biosphere we have chosen four important international artists dealing with the structures and systems of our world. The exhibition focuses on the ecosystem and the biosphere with billions of life forms that interrelate with other systems.

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Synaesthesia / 4

  1. Translating, Correcting, Archiving
  2. Eva-Maria Bolz | Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen | Andy Holtin
1 June - 21 July 2013

Synaesthesia / 4: Translating, Correcting, Archiving presents works by Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen (DK), Eva-Maria Bolz (D) and Andy Holtin (USA). The exhibition devotes itself to selected artistic strategies for decoding the phenomenon of synaesthesia.

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Synaesthesia / 3

  1. History of the Senses
  2. Carl Rowe & Simon Davenport | Sergio Maltagliati & Pietro Grossi
23 March - 12 May 2013

History of the Senses deals with the phenomenon of synaesthesia from the point of view of art and media history. The two artistic positions refer back to different movements from the 20th Century giving the four-part exhibition series on synaesthesia a historical component

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Synaesthesia / 2

  1. Space and Perception
  2. Madi Boyd | Carrie C Firman
26 January - 10 March 2013

Inquiries into the nature of Space and Perception are the basis of Art Laboratory Berlin’s second exhibition in the Synaesthesia series. Synaesthesia, the experience of two or more sensory impressionsat the same time, is both an artistic paradigm and neurological phenomenon.

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Synaesthesia / 1

  1. The Orange Smell of November
  2. Barbara Ryan | Annette Stahmer
27 October - 16 December 2012

Barbara Ryan’s perceptions of the world are underpinned by her polymodal synaesthesia which in turn forms the foundation of her artistic work. The work of Annette Stahmer revolves around language, the relationship between voice and writing, palimpsests and synaesthesia.

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Time & Technology/ 4

  1. Embodiment of Time
  2. Yasuhiro Sakamoto & Iñigo Giner Miranda | Dave Hebb
1 September - 14 October 2012

As part of the current exhibition series Time & Technology Art Laboratory Berlin welcomes you to the exhibition Embodiment of Time with new works by Yasuhiro Sakamoto with Iñigo Giner Miranda and by Dave Hebb.

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Time & Technology/ 3

  1. Fantastic Time Machines
  2. Shlomit Lehavi | Sam Belinfante & Simon Lewandowski
24 March - 29 April 2012

As part of the series Time & Technology the exhibition Fantastic Time Machines with new works by Shlomit Lehavi and Sam Belinfante & Simon Lewandowski. The two contributions deal with the phenomenon of time through synchronicity, simultaneity and succession.

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Time & Technology/ 2

  1. Navigating the Everyday
  2. plan b (Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers)
28 January - 11 March 2012

Navigating the Everyday presents works by plan b, the British artist duo Daniel Belasco Rogers and Sophia New. Since 2003 and 2007 respectively, Daniel and Sophia have been recording every journey they make every day using GPS devices. Additionally all areas of their digital communication are evaluated and processed artistically.

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Time & Technology/ 1

  1. Controlling_Connectivity
  2. Gretta Louw
26 November 2011 - 15 January 2012

The exhibition project Controlling_Connectivity by Gretta Louw reflects use of the latest forms of digital communication. Her 10-day online performance (2- 12 November 2011) laid the basis for an exhibition which includes screen capture footage, photographs and an installation.

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