1. Artistic Research on Climate Crisis
  2. Cammack Lindsey | Gülşah Mursaloğlu | Sybille Neumeyer
3 March - 30 April 2023
In March 2022 scientific research revealed that microplastic pollution is now present in the human body. It moves around in the blood, lands in organs and passes to infants via breast milk. The exhibition title Vicious Cycle is based on this closed cycle of human disturbance of the environment and its return to the human and nonhuman body. In the exhibition the artists’ investigative and research-oriented works explore the problem of microplastics in soil, the impact of climate change and the effects of excessive agricultural activity on the water, soil, animals and wildlife. Cammack Lindsey’s Wem gehört die Welt? is a site-specific sound installation based on the artist’s ongoing research on Müggelsee Berlin that features Microcystis aeruginosa and Müggelsee water samples in amorph containers in a network inspired by colony formations of most commonly toxin producing cyanobacterium Microcystis. Gülşah Mursaloğlu’s work Devouring the Earth, in Perishable Quantities aims to underscore the entanglement within the acts of eating/ consuming/ devouring that is often promoted as choice-based as well as the points and practices of continuity between human and other agencies. souvenirs entomologiques #1: odonata/ weathering data is a single-channel speculative video essay and installation by Sybille Neumeyer, that explores the entanglements of humans, weather and insects in a data-driven world in times of climate crisis. Read more


  1. Artistic Research
  2. WhiteFeather Hunter | Lyndsey Walsh | Shu Lea Cheang with Ewen Chardronnet
26 May - 9 July 2023
The exhibited artworks critically reflect about nature, matter and health of female and nonbinary bodies through artistic and scientific research – exploring the use of menstrual serum for tissue culture, proposing new modes of care within the context of female and nonbinary health and discussing both traditional forms and new possibilities of reproduction. In context of the group exhibition, Art Laboratory Berlin will also realise a festival of the same title in June 2023 that seeks to initiate a wider network of and for female and nonbinary artists, scholars and cultural players in art, science and technology. Read more

Radyo Somatodelia

  1. Experiments in Sonic Animism
  2. Tad Ermitaño
26 August - 9 October 2022
The word “psychedelic,” coined by the psychiatrist Humphrey Osmond, comes from the words “psyche” meaning “mind” and “delos” meaning “to manifest or reveal”. “Somatodelia”, the term suggested by Tad Ermitaño, complements the psychedelic as the project of recalling the physical roots of consciousness and perception. Somatodelia grounds itself as the metaphysics distinct from the ghost of dualism conjured by Plato and Descartes. It, instead, reveals the physical roots of our mental being. Radyo (Tagalog of “radio”) Somatodelia: Experiments in Sonic Animism brings the act of looking and listening into contact with the outward surfaces and the interior voluminosity of things. Science has led humans through chaos with limited perceptibility, visited by flashes of observations and hunches. The patchy first-person viewpoint has been recasted as omniscient, with all the twists beneath the moment of Discovery surgically removed from the story. The data and facts are thus enveloped in the pristine wholeness, available for the contemplation of an all-seeing Intelligence that is the exclusive property of humans. Read more


  1. Collective Experiments in Social Fermenting
  2. Irene Agrivina | Interspecifics | Pei-Ying Lin | Cammack Lindsey | Constanza Piña Pardo | Rice Brewing Sisters Club
21 May - 10 July 2022
Following two years of social distancing and isolation Art Laboratory Berlin will devote 2022 exploring what social possibilities can be thawed and revived. The project series Hackers, Makers, Thinkers proposes that Doing it With Others (DIWO) can be a way of rebuilding and re-energizing damaged social relations. After a period when most of us have been reliant on corporate technologies, Open (source) knowledge will form a basis for making and thinking. Above all we are interested in an open culture based on reciprocity, cooperation and exchange on a global level. Combining Berlin based artists and venues with guest artists from Latin America and Southeast Asia this project proposes art making as a tool for social empowerment and knowledge acquisition, collaboration, and working together. Read more



Curators from Eastern and Central Europe III

  1. Mari Laanemets. Hier wäre das Leben leicht
  2. Kadi Estland | Anton Koovit | Tere Recarens | Sirje Runge | Florian Wüst | Killu Sukmit | Mari Laanemets
29 November 2008 - 4 January 2009

The exhibition deals with questions of design, the arrangement of environments, the formal character of surfaces, things from which lifestyles are constructed: from textiles to texts, from facades to fonts, from interiors to streets and cities.

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Curators from East and Central Europe II

  1. Elena Sorokina. Subjective Events, Sometimes Recorded
  2. Yevgeny Fiks | Kent Hansen und Jo Zahn (for TV-TV) | Ana Hušman | Gulnara Kasmalieva und Muratbek Djumaliev | Franck Lebovici, Giulia di Leonarda, Armin Linke | REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT | Alexander Vaindorf | Katarina Zdjelar
24 October - 16 November 2008

In everyday language, an event is a notion that embraces two different meanings – a happening violating limits or, in the opposite, invigorating them.

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Art and Science III

  1. Failed Organisms
  2. Reiner Maria Matysik
28 August - 28 September 2008

The Berlin artist Reiner Maria Matysik works in manifold ways with concepts for future organisms. In the course of the last years he has created his own new system of post-evolutionary life forms at the borderline between art and biology.

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Art and Science II

  1. Transposed nodes
  2. Marcus Ahlers
31 May - 29 June 2008

The artworks of Marcus Ahlers functions on the borderline of visual arts and science. They explore visual metaphors for the human body in its surroundings, making reference to social and architectural space

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Art and Science I

  1. Senses Alert
  2. Dmitry Bulatov
29 March - 4 May 2008

Contemporary Art already long ago turned away from a solely anthropocentric point of view. Currently in Science Art, it is concerned, among other things, with ecological phenomena and is investigating the existence of newly emerging life forms; Art and Science have been combined.

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East and Central European Curators I

  1. Denisa Kera and Pavel Sedlak. Cosmopolitics
  2. Josef Bareš | Internet Generation | Jakub Nepraš | Jan Pfeiffer| Pavel Sterec | Pavel Tichon
26 January - 2 March 2008

The exhibition presents projects from recent years that demonstrate this playful and experimental strategy which is neither purely political nor technological.

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Art and Text III

  1. Prinzenallee A Play without Dialog
  2. Birgit Szepanski
24 November 2007 - 6 January 2008

In her installations the Berlin artist Birgit Szepanski composes an aesthetic form of urban space using word and image, in which the walls, floor, windows and doors of the exhibition space become part of the art work. Taking regular walks through urban localities…

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Art and Text II

  1. Ekphrasis
  2. Christian de Lutz
28 September - 28 October 2007

The works of the Source Code series are based on a digital collage of text and image. The appropriated texts have been HTML or Java script, or in recent works excerpts from the source code of computer viruses. The commands and syntax of these computer languages…

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Art and Text I

  1. Farkhondeh Shahroudi
1 September - 23 September 2007

Art Laboratory Berlin is pleased to present a solo exhibition of book art, drawings and a digital work by Farkhondeh Shahroudi as part of the series Art and Text. Her work indeed functions like a series of hyperlinks between art and text, between tradition and technology.

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Art and Music III

  1. Two Songs
  2. Viktor Alimpiev
30 June - 22 July 2007

Viktor Alimpiev combines different artistic fields in his cinematic work: visual arts, music, theater and dance. In his films he has worked with the human body and more recently with song and speech.

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Art and Music II

  1. 3-ROOM-CONFERENCE. A Live Performance with an Exhibition
  2. Tiefenrauschorchester
25 May - 17 June 2007

The performance project 3-Room-Conference is an artistic communication in three different spaces. The artists communicate with one another by means of different media in their own specific forms…

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Art and Music I

  1. Video Works
  2. The artist group PG
31 March - 20 May 2007

The Group PG was founded in 1998. It now consists of Ilya Falkovsky, Alexey Katalkin and Boris Spiridonov. PG is a play on words that can be interpreted differently, for example as “Criminal Group”, “Hydrant” or “Hand Grenade”.

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