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25-27 October, 2013 | Viewing and Artist Talk

Nasim Manouchehrabadi: The Power of Form, the Form of Power

Summer 2009, Berlin. Actually, we had no doubt that he would be voted out. But then the results were announced and Ahmadinejad was re-elected president. It was a case of large scale election fraud, and while we were here, torn between anger and disbelief, Tehran experienced the largest mass protests since the fall of the Shah's regime. Suddenly there was a spirit of optimism; for the first time, the population reacted openly against the regime of the mullahs and exposed the rulers' illegitimacy before the whole world. However, the system reacted harshly, and mercilessly put down the uprising, causing many deaths and injuries.

This is how the Tehran-born and Berlin-based artist and designer Nasim Manouchehrabadi described the events following the Iranian presidential elections in 2009. These are the major impetus for the development of her work "The Power of Form, the Form of Power" which will be on view at Art Laboratory Berlin from 25-27 October, 2013.

-Curated by Olga Shmakova

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3 October, 2013 | Artist Talk

Artist Talk with Pinar Yoldas

Pinar Yoldas is a cross-disciplinary artist and researcher with a background in architecture, interface design, computing and neuroscience. Her work investigates social and cultural systems in regards to biological and ecological systems. She is the 2013/14 resident at the Vilém Flusser Residency Programme for Artistic Research, run by transmediale and the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK).

in cooperation with transmediale

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28 September, 2013 | Workshop

Speculative Biology Workshop: The Design of Biological Systems and Neo-organs

“...from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.” (Charles Darwin)

As artist Pinar Yoldas writes: "Our capitalistic biomass manufactures mountains of e-waste, beaches of tar, rivers of zinc, oceans of plastic. We are an army of plastic surgeons giving the planet a new face. A face that opens its eyes to new life forms, new beginnings, new extremities. What kind of fish will swim in the plastic ocean? Who will be sunbathing on the beaches of tar? What plants will thrive in a forest of concrete and steel? Which insects will lay eggs on the valleys of asphalt? What birds will fly in the hazy mornings of a smog stained sky?"

In her workshop the artist will give a quick overview into general biological systems such as the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the nervous system, the reproductive system etc., and how these systems (or more specifically organs) might evolve under the influence of global environmental transformations.

Somewhere between bio-mimicry and critical design, the workshop will give you the time and assets to design your own lungs, grow that extra organ you always wished for or think about that ultimate meat supplier with zero methane impact you have been craving for.

Participants will then discuss and design speculative models for life forms for a post-human era.
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24 August, 2013 | Art and Science talk

Artist talk with C-LAB and Rüdiger Trojok

Art Laboratory Berlin would like to invite you to an artist talk with the artist collective C-LAB (UK) and the biohacker Rüdiger Trojok (Berlin) presented by Desiree Förster and Daniela Silvestrin on 24 August from 3 PM.

C-LAB is a London based artist collective, founded by the two artists and scientists Laura Cinti and Howard Boland, that is dealing critically with contemporary intersections and cross-fertilisation of art, science, and technology. The work of Cinti and Boland focuses on the examination and exploration of the implications, properties and peculiarities of all which is or regards organic and synthetic life. This being their incentive, they want to create a platform that is open for both artistic and scientific reflection and discourse.

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5/6 July, 2013 | Conference

Synaesthesia. Discussing a Phenomenon in the Arts, Humanities and (Neuro-)Science

As a theoretical addition to our ongoing exhibition series SYNAESTHESIA (October 2012 - July 2013/, Art Laboratory Berlin will hold an international interdisciplinary conference to further explore and theoretically question the field of multisensory perception.

The term "synaesthesia", from the Greek "aisthesis" ("Sensation", "sensory impression") and "syn" ("together") means the experience of two or more sensory impressions at the same time. Currently there is a strikingly strong interest in the coupling of the senses in science, humanities and in contemporary art. This should come as no surprise: Our daily life in recent years has been subject to ever more multimedia and multisensory experiences. Comparing the latest technologies in the field of communication we come upon the radical technological development during the last 25 years: music video (text, music, colour), computer (as "total" sensory object) and also newest multiple forms of mobile phones (not only used for calls, but as a photo camera, music player or text machine, etc.).

It is the aim of Art Laboratory Berlin to grasp the specific impulses of our current complex, synchronous and technologised society on the phenomenon of synaesthesia, with its distinctive form of sensory fluctuation. For the upcoming conference, we are interested in discussing issues from diverse scholarly fields - humanities, arts as well as natural and social sciences - regarding both historical positions and contemporary inquiries. We will reflect topics such as: synaesthesia and the neurological discourse (memory and cognition; sensory perception); synaesthesia - between perception and subjectivity; synaesthesia and language; synaesthetic modalities (grapheme synaesthesia; synaesthesia of smell, taste, touch, sound and vision); synaesthesia in art and cultural history (in visual art, literature and film); synaesthesia and the digital world (synaesthesia in the 21st century).

The Synaesthesia-Conference is open to the public and free of charge - donations are very welcome.

Conference Concept: Regine Rapp & Christian de Lutz, Art Laboratory Berlin
Realisation of Conference: The Art Laboratory Berlin Team: Regine Rapp, Christian de Lutz, Olga
Shmakova, Chiara Cartuccia, Chiara Massari, Anastasia Shavlokhova, Ashley Chang

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22-24 March, 2013 | Opening and Performances

Synaesthesia / 3: History of the Senses

Simon Davenport & Carl Rowe // Banquet for Ultra Bankruptcy

The British artist Simon Davenport and Carl Rowe currently work on a number of artistic projects that combine the performative with artistic research on a cultural history of the senses. Simon Davenport sees synaesthesia as a means to unsettle and disorient. In earlier performative works, for example, he combined heavy drum beats with the spraying of steam and the recitation of poetry. Carl Rowe's art projects, on the other hand, combine socio-political commentary and humour with culinary methodology. An important art historical reference point for him is Filippo Marinetti's Manifesto La Cucina Futurista (1930).The manifesto promoted the renewal of the Italian food system with the aim of the strengthening, revitalization and spiritualisation of modern society. It simultaneously included colours, shapes, textures, smells, sounds and noises.


10 March, 2013 | Artist Talk

Artist talk with Madi Boyd

in connection with the exhibition
Synaesthesia / 2: Space and Perception

Madi Boyd
Carrie C Firman

Opening: 25.1.2013, 8 PM
Exhibition runs: 26.01. - 10.03.2013
Open: Fri-Sun, 2-6 PM and by appointment.

Inquiries into the nature of Space and Perception are the basis of Art Laboratory Berlin's second exhibition in the Synaesthesia series. Synaesthesia, the experience of two or more sensory impressionsat the same time, is both an artistic paradigm and neurological phenomenon. Two installations by Madi Boyd and Carrie C Firman explore the connection between perception and experience of mind and body from a synaesthetic point of view.



Art Laboratory Berlin Awarded Prize for Project Spaces

We are pleased to announce that Art Laboratory Berlin is one of the winners of the first Prize for Art Project Spaces and Initiatives in the Field of Visual Arts awarded by the Berlin Senate Office of Cultural Affairs.

The award honours the commitment and work of those operating project spaces and initiatives. "The award serves" according to the Senate Office of Cultural Affairs, "to support them, to secure the existing diversity and to make the activities of art project spaces and initiatives in Berlin more visible."

The prize ceremony takes place on 27 February, 2013 under the auspices of State Secretary André Schmitz

A complete statement from Art Laboratory Berlin on the award can be found at:

art-in-berlin Berliner Projekträume und –initiativen

Kunst Magazin - Berliner Kulturverwaltung zeichnet Projekträume aus von Julia Schmitz

Berliner Morgenpost - Eine Klassenfahrt mit Baby und Urkunden Von Gabriela Walde

Zitty - Das erste Mal: Der Berliner Preis für Projekträume wird vergeben

Taz - Attraktiv und den Preis wert Von Marcus Woeller

Neues deutschland - Echte Berliner Spezialität. Selbstorganisierte Kunstinitiativen kämpfen ums Überleben
Von Tom Mustroph

Tagesspiegel - Küsschen, Kaffee, Kohle von Claudia Wahjudi




7 December, 2012 | Conference

Art Laboratory Berlin at MutaMorphosis

Art Laboratory Berlin will present the series Time & Technology at the international conference MutaMorphosis in Prague from December 6-8, 2012.

Time and Technology | Panel led by Regine Rapp & Christian de Lutz

Gretta Louw | Controlling_Connectivity
Daniel Belasco Rogers & Sophia New | Narrating Our Lines
Ellen Sebring, MIT| Atmosphere: Disorientation in Visual Narrative as a Time Traveler’s Tool
Dr. Yasuhiro Sakamoto | Sound Sculptures as Embodiment of Cross-modal Gesamtgestalt

More information at

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28 October, 2012 | Artist talk and workshop with Barbara Ryan

Part of the exhibition Synaesthesia / 1: The Orange Smell of November

The artist Barbara Ryan’s perceptions of the world are underpinned by her polymodal synaesthesia which in turn forms the foundation of her artistic work. She experiences her synaesthesia »as something that is in her parallel conscious – as opposed to something that is in the subconscious – creating a duality of vision«. Her installation That can’t be September – it smells like the August of 1985! combines in a unique way the artist’s intimate personal interconnecting relationship between scent, colour, time and space, played out within the city of Berlin, where she lived in the 1990s.

The installation is a coded re-creation of her sense of space and time as imbued with colour and odour. Using text, photography and self-manufactured fragrances she re-maps the city according to the systematic guidelines of her own synaesthesia. The viewer is then invited to explore and decode the artist's unique phenomenological structures.
(More informaton on the exhibition)


29 June, 2012 | Screening and Presentation.

kate hers Transmigration in Artistic Practice

Transmigration in Artistic Practice is a screening and artist presentation of two projects by the Korean-American artist kate hers, whose works in performance, video and other media deal with issues of language and identity.

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10 May, 2012 | Performance

Palindrones: Musical Transpositions for the Reversing Machine

Performance by Sam Belinfante & Simon Lewandowski.

Works by Cage and others adapted for the output of the Reversing Machine plus new sound works by Sam Belinfante & Simon Lewandowski. In conjunction with the exhibition Fantastic Time Machines and our current series Time & Technology Belinfante & Lewandowski will perform a series of sound works and actions using the Reversing Machine mechanism and attached devices. (Information on the exhibition Fantastic Time Machines)


12 May, 2012 | Workshop

Experiments with the Reversing Machine

Workshop with the artists Sam Belinfante & Simon Lewandowski

"Subjective Time: Dreams, Drones, Flickers and Alpha Rhythms"

Talks, presentations and experiments with the Reversing Machine. The artists will offer the public a more intimate experience with their installation, including as series of additional actions and interactions, explanation as an queries into the nature of time and perception.
(Information on the exhibition Fantastic Time Machines)

Registration per email.

6 May, 2012 | Online performance

Is the Desert Still the Desert in a Digital World?

Gretta Louw, whose performance and exhibition Controlling Connectivity started off the current Time & Technology series will set up a live video link up between Art Laboratory Berlin and the Warnayaka Arts centre in Lajamanu, Australia, located in the remote central Australian desert.

Since March Louw has been taking part in a residency in Lajamanu teaching photography, video and new media to indigenous arts workers, as well as introducing them to online communication platforms. The culmination of this first program of new media training will be a real time link-up between Lajamanu and Berlin.

A live audience in Berlin will view a simultaneous performance streamed out of Lajamanu, captured by a number of webcams and presented as two large-format projections. The event will incorporate an eclectic and innovative mix of traditional dance and storytelling, as well as live VJing of documentation organised by Louw. The event will also provide and encourage the possibility of interaction and exchange between participants in both Berlin and Lajamanu.
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30 March, 2012 | Artist Talk and Art Laboratory Berlin's 5th Birthday!

Fantastic Time Machines

We are pleased to invite you to an artist talk with Shlomit Lehavi on Friday , March 30, 2012 at 8 pm at Art Laboratory Berlin (Prinzenallee 34, Berlin-Wedding).

The Israeli born and New York based artist Shlomit Lehavi will present her video installation Time Sifter as a part of the exhibition Fantastic Time Machines. Shlomit Lehavi works primarily with new media and multi-channel video. Time Sifter explores collective memory, collective forgetting and time based media as a contemporary time machine. By means of touching the changing projections in her work the visitor is allowed a fascinating form of participation and interaction.

The same evening we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of Art Laboratory Berlin.---
We will be happy if you can join us!



24 February, 2012 | Tour through the exhibition with the artists

plan b (Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers): Navigating the Everyday

Opening: 27 January 2012, 8PM
Exhibition runs from 28 January - 11 March, 2012
Opening Hours: Fr - Su, 2-6PM
Open also on 24 February from 2-10 PM


14 January, 2012 | Tour of the exhibition and Artists' Talk

Current Art Practices on Time and Technology

3.30PM: Tour of the exhibition Controlling_Connectivity with Gretta Louw and Regine Rapp (curator)
4PM: Artists' talk Current Artistic Practices on Time and Technology with Gretta Louw, plan b (Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers) and Igor Štromajer; moderation: Christian de Lutz (curator).

Screen shot: Controlling_Connectivity Remote Digital Performance: Berlin - New York, Gretta Louw in collaboration with Douglas Paulson, 2011

In connection with the exhibition Controlling_Connectivity by Gretta Louw and the series Time and Technology Art Laboratory Berlin is presenting an artists' talk on the theme current art practices on time and technology featuring Gretta Louw and plan b (Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers) as well as the internet artist Igor Štromajer ( The talk will be introduced and moderated by Regine Rapp and Christian de Lutz.
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25 November 2011-14 January 2012 | Performance and exhibition

Gretta Louw: Controlling_Connectivity

Online performance: 2-12 November, 2011

Opening: 25 November, 2011, 8PM
Exhibition: 26 November, 2011 - 15 January, 2012
(winter break: 19 December, 2011 - 5 January, 2012)
Fri - Sun 2-6PM and by appointment

14 January, 2012 3.30PM: Tour of the exhibition and Artists' talk with Gretta Louw
+ plan b (Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers) and Igor Štromajer; moderation: Christian de Lutz (curator).

(more information)

Link to the exhibition

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30 September, 2011 | Book Release Party

VISIONS NYC by Bärbel Möllmann

In context of the ongoing show VISIONS NYC – afterthoughts, Art Laboratory Berlin is pleased to invite you to the

Artist Book Presentation & Book Release Party
on Friday, 30 September 2011, 8pm

In the project VISIONS NYC the Berlin-based artist and photographer Bärbel Möllmann has gathered a series of amazing portraits and interviews with New Yorkers from Summer 2001, recording their individual plans, goals and dreams, and from Summer 2002 recording their reactions to the events of the previous year.

Bärbel Möllmann: VISIONS NYC.
Portraits and Interviews from New York
. Berlin 2011
272 pages, 136 color photographs
30 x 25 cm (closed), 30 x 50 cm (open)
Hardcover, 4-color images
Essay: Regine Rapp (German and English)
48 interviews (each 4 – 15 min.), 4 CDs
Collectors edition, signed by the artist, Edition: 25 exemplars
150,00 Euro

With a purchase of the book on 30 September, 2011 the buyer will also receive and original print from the photo book (30 x 50 cm)
(More information about the exhibition VISIONS NYC - afterthoughts here)

1 May 2011 | Round Table Discussion

My Dreams Have Destroyed My Life. Some Thoughts on Pain

Artists in Dialog: Al Fadhil & Aissa Deebi

A Round Table Discussion Al Tahrir: The Day After, 1 May, 2011, 3PM

Since January of this year a wave of protests, originating first in Tunisia, and then in Egypt, have spread across the Arab world. Demonstrators have demanded democracy and the freedom of expression. How will the ongoing changes affect the lives artists and cultural production? What has been the role of politics in the arts in the Middle East and how might this change? Supposedly new technological media such as social networking platforms have played an important role in this year's 'Arab Spring'. Is this really true, and if so what potential does technology have to foster change as well as aid in inter-cultural communication?

On May 1, 2011 at 3PM, in conjunction with the ongoing exhibition My Dreams Have Destroyed My Life. Some Thoughts on Pain there will be a round table discussion on the cultural and political changes taking place in the Middle East in the wake of the current wave of protests. The artists Aissa Deebi, who teaches at the American University in Cairo, and Al Fadhil will be joined by Munira Khayyat (Anthropologist), Heiko Wimmen (Political Scientist) and Christian de Lutz (who will be the moderator)
More information and video of the event)

19/20 February 2011| Symposium

Sol Lewitt Symposium

An occasion in which all the artist books of Sol LeWitt are gathered into one exhibition invites further study. As we have done in previous exhibitions Art Laboratory Berlin would like to bring together artistic practice and scholarly debate, in this case in the form of a symposium. The complex nature of Sol LeWitt's artists' books specifically calls for examination by a variety of disciplines.

Beginning with a survey of the concept and the conceptual in LeWitt's work, continuing with a reflection on the medium of the book and the problem of authorship, the initial contributions will sketch LeWitt's art from art historical and literary perspectives. Additionally, contributions from the philosophy of art, musicology and mathematics will reflect on space and time, the question of a possible terminology and the phenomenon of serial geometric forms. Similarly, LeWitt's aesthetic production and his relationship to graphic design will be discussed. Finally, contributions from an artistic perspective as well as those of friends and collectors will illuminate practical and theoretical aspects of LeWitt's artistic work.
(More information on the symposium






30 October - 28 November, 2010 | Exhibition and Special Event

Stardust Boogie Woogie

Tania Antoshina, Mo Foster, Marcela Iriarte, Christian de Lutz, Jane Mulfinger, Bob & Roberta Smith, Jessica Voorsanger
Curated by Francesca Piovano

Exhibition runs 30 October - 28 November 2010, Fri- Sun 2-6PM and by appointment

Finissage with a reading by Mo Foster: 26 November 2010 8PM

Special event: 30 November 2010, 7PM, A reading by Mo Foster at the East of Eden International Bookstore, Schreinerstr. 10, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain -

4 September, 2010 | Workshop

Artists in Dialog: Alex Toland und Myriel Milicevic - Wunschgarten: Wild Urban Offshoots

Alex Toland and Myriel Milicevic both work on the border between art and life and environmental sciences. Toland considers the project 'habitat hacking' and Milicevic describes the project as 'reconstructing cross-species life worlds'. Together they have chosen the immediate area around Art Laboratory Berlin (the Soldiner Kiez) as a place to investigate interactions between the local human population and urban flora and fauna. The exhibition space will function as a laboratory for mapping, sketching, modelling and prototyping. Wunschgarten is a series of dialogues: between the artists and the local community, between city dwellers and nature, between urban planning and urban wilderness.

As cities creep further into wild landscapes, the wild moves into cities. Urban habitats are places where plants and animals take up residence alongside people. Too often though, space for nature is sealed off by concrete constructions, resulting in a marked divide between the space occupied by humans and the rest of the biotic community. The Wunschgarten is an exploration of the city's wild features and creatures, and a vision of utopian measures that reach beyond existing mitigation schemes and municipal green-space planning. The city becomes a garden of unexpected edible opportunities and ideas to incubate and explode.

The artists encourage local inhabitants (and other visitors) to take part in the project. From the gallery space the participants can depart on a series of walks, contribute their own ideas and sketches, and in turn use the Wunschgarten as a springboard for further investigations or offshoots such as urban gardening projects, recordings of urban fauna, or evolutionary architecture and experiments in wild urban societies.

To explore these possibilities in a more concentrated setting, there will be a workshop on September 4 led by the artists to discuss and investigate, create and formulate, construct and co-inhabit the Wunschgarten and its wild urban offshoots.

1 July, 2010 | Talk and Film Screening

Evolution Haute Couture

Art Laboratory Berlin is pleased to present a collection of documentary films about artworks recently created using the latest twenty-first century technologies: artificial life, robotics, bio and genetic engineering. The screening has been organized by the curator and artist Dmitry Bulatov in conjunction with the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad branch, Russia).

The films document artworks whose medium is living or lifelike matter, and the properties of living organisms and technologically reproduced artefacts are combined to produce the method. Art created under these new conditions of post-biology - that is, under conditions of artificially generated life - cannot avoid making this artificiality its explicit theme. We are thus again confronted with the question of the relationship between art and life in a completely new context defined by biological and abiological creations, works, and beings.

This collection is the first comprehensive overview of the current stage of contemporary techno-biological art. It provides a panorama of artistic strategies for granting and withdrawing the gift of authenticity. The analysis of these strategies opens up new possibilities for creative production and cultural commentary. In 2009 the Evolution Haute Couture project won the National Innovation Prize (Moscow, Russia), awarded annually for achievements in contemporary visual arts.

The film screening also coincides with the first volume of the anthology Evolution Haute Couture: Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age. Edited by Dmitry Bulatov. Book plus two DVD-ROMs collection (45 video documentaries), KB NCCA, Kaliningrad, 2009. (ISBN: 978-5-94620-054-7). This publication is supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, The Ford Foundation (The Moscow Office, Russia), The Dynasty Foundation (Moscow). Web site:
(More information)

13/14 March, 2010 | Presentation

Presentation of the poster and storybook for "Princess I will follow you..."

By Birgit Szepanski
-part of the Printemps des Poètes Berlin 2010
Artist book presentation:
"Prinzenallee - ein Stück ohne Dialoge"

A Book Project by Birgit Szepanski and Regine Rapp

Princess - I will follow you... is a poster intervention along Prinzenallee in Berlin- Wedding. With photographic motifs and text fragments (in English, German and Turkish) a visual path is laid along the street. This public text and image story plays with motifs, word and sound play, visual features and the name of the street:

Princess I will follow you....

In 2008 Birgit Szepanski created a complex site specific installation at Art Laboratory Berlin, which referred to the street Prinzenallee in Berlin-Wedding as part of the exhibition series Art and Text. Over a number of weeks the artist recorded traces of the street in her films, photographs and texts. In decidedly minimal formal language she was able to unfurl the street into the exhibition space by means of language, image and sound. In this newly released publication this is further expressed in the form of an artist book

(more information)

3 February, 2010 | Performative Presentation

Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša: NAME Readymade

The event will present the act of “Name changing” perpetrated by three Slovenian artists who in 2007 officially, with all the required papers and stamps, changed their names to the then prime minister of Slovenia , Janez Janša (2004-08). All Janez Jansas’ works, their private and public affairs, in a word their whole life, has been conducted under this name ever since.

Janez Janša will take you through a series of artistic, political, administrative and mediatic actions performed by himself together with Janez Janša and Janez Janša, with a particular focus on their latest personal exhibition entitled NAME Readymade. Works exhibited in this show (valid ID cards, passports, credit and bank cards, driving licences, birth and marriage certificates, and so on) were generated by reality itself.
(more information)

Press: article in art-in-berlin



28 November, 2009 | Workshop

"Copyright and related topics for artists. Musicians, Filmmakers and other Creative Producers"

With the lawyer Andreas Lichtenhahn (in German).

Free, registration necessary:

2 November, 2009 | Film Screening

Strange Culture

(D: Lynn Hershman Leeson, 2007), followed by a Round Table. The case of Steve Kurtz will be discussed from legal, cultural-political and curatorial perspectives: Eberhard Schultz (lawyer), Mark C. Donfried (Institute for Cultural Diplomacy) and Christian de Lutz (Art Laboratory Berlin); Moderated by Regine Rapp (Art Laboratory Berlin).
Kino Arsenal, Potsdamer Platz 2, 10785 Berlin
Tickets: 6,50 Euro/ 5,00 Euro reduced (Students)

4 October, 2009 | Artist talk


Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) & Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA).

In connection with the exhibition SEIZED prof. Steve Kurtz gave a presentation on the theme of 'diciplinarity and its effects on art' at Art Laboratory Berlin, followed by a Q&A session.
(additional information and podcast)

30 August, 2009 | Artists in Dialog

Alex Toland: Personal Dispersal Mechanisms, an Interactive Urban Exploration

Natural distribution mechanisms of plant species are often severely obstructed in the city. Tree sponsorship is a popular and effective way of re-greening city parks and streets. Individual sponsors become personally linked to individual trees while beautifying the neighborhood and creating new habitats for birds, mammals and insects.

Artist Alex Toland takes this idea a step further by creating species partnerships for a day and encouraging personal interspecies relationships as a potential distribution mechanism. As part of the series Artists in Dialog at ART LABORATORY BERLIN the artist will realize a collaborative walk and installation project by leading a group of Berlin residents through part of the green corridor along the Panke and make personal introductions between individual people and plants.
(more information)

22 July, 2009 | Video Screening

Strike Anywhere

Screening of a new video by Benj Gerdes and Jennifer Hayashida
(2009, 32 minutes, English without subtitles)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009 at 9 pm
Introduction by Christian de Lutz, Art Laboratory Berlin
Followed by a discussion with the artists

artillerie and Art Laboratory Berlin are pleased to present Strike Anywhere for the first time
to a Berlin audience, following screenings at the Luleå Art Biennial in Sweden and the
Kran>>Film Space in Brussels. The latest collaborative work by the experimental
filmmaker Benj Gerdes and the poet Jennifer Hayashida, Strike Anywhere is a video
essay that takes as its point of departure Swedish “Match King” Ivar Kreuger, whose
privatization of financial crisis management strategies bears a direct relation to late-
twentieth century policies implemented by the IMF and WTO.

Between 1917 and 1932, Kreuger capitalised on shifts in global financial markets to
control over 200 companies and establish matchstick monopolies in at least 34 countries.
At the height of his success, Ivar Kreuger was worth approximately 30 million Swedish
kronor (the equivalent of 100 billion USD today) and had matchstick monopolies in at least
34 countries. The project is both a prehistory of neoliberal economics and an allegory
about social relations and desire in the wake of global capitalist expansion and excess.


29 May, 2009 | Film Premiere

German Premiere: On Media Reality a film by Vladimir Turner about Ztohoven

As part of the exhibition Art and Law II - Ztohoven. Media Reality
(more information)

24 April, 2009 | Artists in Dialog

Presentation by Paola Yacoub

Paola Yacoub will present a running thread through various works, mainly photographs and montages, produced in different geographical areas ranging from Southern Lebanon to Berlin via Sweden and China.

The common point is skepticism as it was introduced in visual arts in the U.S.A. at the beginning of the 20th century.


This presentation from Paola Yacoub is the first of Art Laboratory Berlin's new series of artists talks, presentations, performances and events Artists in Dialog


  24 October, 2008 | Curatorial Workshop

Curators from East and Central Europe II: Elena Sorokina

Subjective Events, Sometimes Recorded
Curatorial workshop with Elena Sorokina, October 24, 2008, 6pm

12 July, 2008 | Summer Celebration

Summer Celebration at Art Laboratory Berlin

8pm video compilation from Jakup Nepraš
from 10 pm DJ Nata

We would like to celebrate one and half years of successful exhibitions with you. You are cordially invited to our Summer Celebration. The latest video works from Jakup Nepraš, who took part the recent exhibition Cosmopolitics, will be shown. Later in the evening you can dance to music by DJ Nata. There will be a buffet and drinks.

30 May - 14 June, 2008 | Art and Science II

Marcus Ahlers: Transposed Nodes

Opening: 30 May 2008, 8PM
30.05.2008 - 29.06.2008
Artist's talk: 14.06.2008, 17h

Children's workshop - SOLAR-Oven Creativity and SolarEnergy (In German): 21.06.2008
9AM - 3PM, Register until 13.06.2008. more information here (in German)

Tour of the exhibition: 29.06.2008, 3PM

28 March - 27 April, 2008 | Art and Science I

Dmitrij Bulatov: Senses Alert

Opening: 28 March, 2008, 8PM
29.03.2008 - 05.04.2008
Artist's talk and workshop: 29.03.2008, 5PM
Tour of the exhibition: 27.04.2008, 3PM


27 January - 2 March, 2008 | Workshop

Cosmopolitics: New Media Art from the Czech Republic

Curators from East and Central Europe I
Denisa Kera and Pavel Sedlak.

Workshop with Denisa Kera (curator): Curating New Media: 27.01.2008 5 PM
Artists Talk: 1.02.2008 8PM
Tour of the exhibition: 2.03.2008 3PM




9-11 November, 2007 | Art and Text

Corinna Koch Songs

November 9 and 10, 11am -8 pm at Art Laboratory Berlin,
Final Performance November 11 , 8PM at Brunnenstrasse 39, Studio, 2nd courtyard (2.HH)

songs is a performance that deals with the occasion of a jam session on multiple and expanding levels.

It starts off with a number of people, who will be invited to come to the gallery in order to tell the story of a song. The recordings of those stories will be transcribed the same day.


19-20 June, 2007 | Art and Music

Krieg der Sprachen

In cooperation with kunstraum_sumpfhahn_raumkunst

Both events start at 7.45 pm.
19 June: Robin Hayward (violin/ bindelwald) and Olaf Bugiel (vocals/ electric guitar)

20 June: Oliver Schneller (percussion) and Workz (electronic, DJ)
(more information)

23 February, 2007 | Film screening

Bildungscamper. Der Blick des Patriarchen

A documentary film
by Nicola Hochkeppel
2004, 62 min                          
(more information)
sponsored by: