Art and Text: Corinna Koch - Songs

November 9 and 10, 11am-8pm at Art Laboratory Berlin,
Final Performance November 11 , 8PM at Brunnenstrasse 39, Studio, 2nd courtyard (2.HH)

songs is a performance that deals with the situation of a jam session on multiple and expanding levels.

It starts off with a number of people, who will be invited to come to the gallery in order to tell a story for a song. The recordings of those stories will be transcribed the same day. On the evening of the last day the first session will take place. It will deal with the general ambition to create music as well as having lyrical approach towards everyday stories. Visually and on a personal level, the performance will be done in the spirit of a band session.

The gallery room will be used like a rehearsal room; only that additionally, there will be a small and comfortable seating area for the audience. Two lyricists will be occupied in transforming the pre-fabricated transcriptions into song lyrics, which will instantly be projected on a wall. In addition to the performance-participants, there will be a keyboard player, two singers, a guitarists and a girl who will speak parts of the text.

Just like at a regular jam session, the duration of the performance will depend on the dynamism and synergy between the performers, as well as the atmosphere and interaction between performers and audience.

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