Art in Law III
Critical Art Ensemble & Institute for Applied Autonomy

Artist talk with Steve Kurtz 4 October 2009, 4PM

In connection with the exhibition SEIZED prof. Steve Kurtz gave a presentation on the theme of 'diciplinarity and its effects on art' at Art Laboratory Berlin, followed by a Q&A session.


Special Thanks to Jole Wilcke and Bärbel Möllman

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Podcast of Steve Kurtz's talk

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Images from the talk with time line
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  14:27 - 24:00
Critical Art Ensemble, performance, Daytona Beach, 1992


24:00 - 34:40

Critical Art Ensemble, Halifax Begs your Pardon, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2002,
images courtesy Steve Kurtz/ Critical Art Ensemble

  41:35 - 49:18
Critical Art Ensemble, Paul Vanouse, Faith Wilding,
The New Eve,1999-2000
  49:25 - 55:19
Critical Art Ensemble, Beatriz da Costa, Claire Pentecost Molecular Invasion, 2002, Corcoran Museum, Washington


58:05 - 58:48

Critical Art Ensemble, Marching Plague, Isle of Lewis 2005
  58:48 - 1:02:08
Critical Art Ensemble, The City Sprays Back, Leipzig, 2007
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