Art and Music: concert series
in cooperation with kunstraum_sumpfhahn_raumkunst
Krieg der Sprachen (War of Language)

19.06.07 : Robin Hayward (Violin/ Bindelwald) and Olaf Bugiel (vocals, electric guitar)

20.06.07 : Oliver Schneller (König/percussion-Elektronic) and Workz (electronics, DJ)

Performances begin both nights at 8pm.

This concert series, organised by kunstraum_sumpfhahn, takes place daily from 1-30 June. Audiences meet at 7 pm at kunstraum_sumpfhahn (Koloniestrasse 38, 13359 Berlin). The concerts take place in various locations aroundthe Soldiner Kiez from 8 pm.

The concerts are of two parts: a contemporary work by a Berlin based composer (in many cases written for this project) played by the Ensemble Zwischentöne and works by musicians and composers living in the district (Kiez) ranging from original compositions or interpretations of popular music to Karaoke. The goal of the ensemble is to place written, spoken, pictorial and musical language next to one another, and to verify (or reveal) their connection to social reality.(more information at:

On 19 June ensemble Zwischentöne will play a work by Robin Hayward(b. 1969 in Brighton, England) Hayward's compositions take a conceptual an empirical approach to the instrumentation, exploring intonation and microtonal tuning systems (more information at
Afterwards Olaf Bugiel will perform on electric guitar and vocals

On 20 June Ensemble Zwischentöne work perform a work by Oliver Schneller (b.1966 in Cologne) for Electronics and percussion. (more information at Afterwards there will electronic music by DJ Workz.

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