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Inspired by…

  1. Reading Club
  2. With Guest Artist Nicol Rivera Aro
April 16 2024
Inspired by… is an event series, a hybrid format derived from reading group and artist talk formats. In each session, an invited artist will choose a specific text or excerpt from a book that was inspirational for the artist’s practice and/or a particular project that the artist will introduce. Guest Artist on 16 April 2024 Nicol Rivera Aro Nicol Rivera Aro is an artist and PhD candidate. Her research topic, titled “Noise from the Matrix. Dissident, hybrids, cyborgs, new body construction and technofeminism” is a performative research, which puts the focus on the body as praxis, as a tool to detach acknowledgement, to support the academic research. Read more
Event | Book Release Party


  1. Art, Biopolitics, and Networks with Care
  2. Book Launch
23 March 2024 @ PA58, Prinzenallee 58
Welcome to the Book Launch of the new book MATTER OF FLUX. Art, Biopolitics, and Networks with Care published by Art Laboratory Berlin. We would be glad to celebrate with you the brand new book release at the Theater Hall of PA58 in Prinzenallee 58, opposite of Art Laboratory Berlin. The publication presents a sustainable insight into the research project MATTER OF FLUX at Art Laboratory Berlin. The book assembles essays and statements along with documentation in text and images by around 50 authors whose many fields of expertise create the polyphonic ground of MATTER OF FLUX: art, design, filmmaking, curatorial practice, dramaturgy, music, art history, media theory, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, feminist history of science, microbiology, plant ecology, biotechnology, neuroscience, and physical science. Read more
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Full Auto Typeface

  1. Workshop
  2. Kristina Stallvik and Full Auto Foundry
24 March 2024
Join us during the finnisage of the exhibition Intermediate Objects for a workshop hosted by full auto foundry in collaboration with the publishing project, cover crop. Full auto is a type foundry that explores how processes of automation can influence the design of typefaces. Using analog tools, participants are encouraged to draw letterforms without thinking too much about what the letter should be. Absent-minded drawing or doodling replaces thought-out design, leading to alphabets quickly emerging from repetition of mark-making. Outcomes vary in beauty and ugliness, smoothness and roughness. The sketches that participants will produce are scanned and then go through a process of digital automation: vectorised, imported into FontForge, exported as both a .TTF and a .WOFF and finally uploaded to the full auto site as functional, open source typefaces for download. Read more
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Scents of Solastalgia (SoS)

  1. An Eco-Sensory workshop
  2. Tarsh Bates and Alanna Lynch
17 March 2024
Have you noticed that the smells around you have changed? Do you miss the old smells or love the new ones? Aromas are everywhere and affect us and the life around us in ways that words can’t describe. Changes in the smells of the world around us can have a significant impact on how we feel physically and emotionally but we don’t usually notice unless it smells bad. Construction and climate change cause some of the biggest changes at the moment, but we don’t have a lot of control over these. Read more
Event | Meet up, Talk


  1. Georg Tremmel, Hideo Iwasaki, Henry Tan, Soyoon Ryu, HyungJun Park, Elaine Regina, Art Laboratory Berlin
11 February 2024
During the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 Art Laboratory Berlin and BioClub Tokyo arranged a series of 14 online meetings between hybrid artists and associates virtually connecting Berlin with Tokyo as well as other locations in East and Southeast Asia. These meetings were a forum for exchange of research, practice and solidarity in times of crises. We are happy to present VIRAL CLOUD Reloaded together with our colleagues for an afternoon/evening of short talks and discussions Read more
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Publishing Ecologies

  1. A Discussion
  2. With Oscar Salguero, Institute for Interspecies Art and Relations, and Onomatopee
28 January 2024 (online)
How does printed matter build worlds? What is the role of storytelling in an ecological crisis? How do artistic practices approach the more-than-human? Join Art Laboratory Berlin during Vorspiel 2024 – a citywide program of events before and during the transmediale and CTM festivals – for a virtual panel on archiving and publishing practices that envision artist books as tools for interspecies understanding, imagining, and kinships. The discussion is organised and moderated by Kristina Stallvik. Read more
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  1. Program Overview
  2. A Series of Reading Groups, Talks, Workshops and Podcasts
May - December 2023
Art Laboratory Berlin welcomes you to our new series Permeable Bodies with artistic and feminist explorations of embodiment and identity in flux, as well as an investigation of our interconnection and interaction with the environment around us. With reading groups, talks, workshops and podcasts we propose a net of narratives of permeability to encompass a poetic (post)natural history of being woman throughout 2023. The events discuss different notions of permeability approached through artistic, medical, sociopolitical and phenomenological perspectives. Read more
Event | Colloquium


  1. Research in Art, Science and Humanities
  2. With Ekaterina Kormilitsyna and Tarsh Bates
12 December 2023 (online)
The Colloquium addresses an international interdisciplinary research audience to present and discuss past, present or future projects by artists and scholars, curators or editors from the fields of art, science and the humanities. The topics could refer to an art project, a book, text or chapter, a research or exhibition project, a lab experiment, a lecture series, a conference concept or other. The presentations and exchange will focus on the work-in-progress. Methodological approaches – theoretical or practical – are also of great interest here. While researching, we often tend to shift between practical inquiry and theoretical research, browsing various disciplines. Following the original meaning of colloquium as “speaking together”, we want to provide a platform for exchange and embrace various kinds of work processes which are often not seen or talked about. Read more
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  1. We’re not Lobsters! Queering, Decolonizing and Hacking Menstruation
  2. Workshop | With Flo Razoux and Aouefa Amoussouvi
2 - 3 December 2023
The collective 2-day experiment aims to decolonize and queer our perceptions of menstruation. Participants will be invited to share their experiences and examine the representations of menstruation and its rituals. The group will also explore how to access and make use of scientific and technological knowledge, and understand bias. We aim to challenge the capitalist agenda, reinvent ways of harvesting data from the human body, and create alternative narratives in art, biopolitics, and technology. All genders are welcome! We recommend attending both days of the workshop but attending one single day is also possible. Read more
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Permeable Bodies

  1. Sticking with the Trouble
  2. Workshop | With Mary Maggic (on-site!)
26 November 2023 (on-site!) The Workshop is fully booked out.
This five-hour workshop explores the use of “stickiness” as both a practice and discourse for resistance, messiness, and alien knowledging. The “stickiness” is made from an invasive plant called Kudzu, originating from East Asia and fated for eradication if found in the West. In a series of exercises that involve scavenging, blind sensing, and cooking with stickiness, participants embrace the entangled glue that binds us to disobedient relations, no matter how hard we try to separate them. Read more
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Permeable Bodies

  1. Performing the Sublime Sea of Co-Mattering
  2. Online-Talk | With Mary Maggic
22 November 2023 (online only)
Proven through years of researching through the project Open Source Estrogen, biohacking methodologies serve far more than spreading didactic knowledge. These protocols produce an existential knowing in our bodies and environments, leading to collective strategies that may help us out of ecological ruins. The talk describes how biohacking, as a xeno-feminist practice of care, can inevitably lead to a form of world-making, where collectivities can emerge with a radical breakage from the past. Read more
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  1. Reading Group UNBORN0x9
  2. Live-Performance (online) | Reading Group SURROGACY, with Anindita Majumdar
18 November 2023 (online)
In context of our series PERMEABLE BODIES, Art Laboratory Berlin invites to a livestream performance of the Reading group SURROGACY, which is a fork-out project of UNBORN0x9, shown in the current exhibition Matter of Flux. Initiated by Shu Lea Cheang and Ewen Chardronnet with Future Baby Production, UNBORN0x9 reflects on the techno-scientific developments in obstetrical medicine, its social, cultural, philosophical and prospective implications and to offer an artistic view of the science in the making. During 2021-2022, UNBORN0x9 was part of the EU platform, which focuses on a methodological framework that fosters collaboration between artists, health and biomedical researchers. The online reading group aims to enable cross-border knowledge exchange – across nations, races, genders, real and virtual borders. For the studies in three specific topics – Ultrasound, Ectogenesis, Surrogacy – the online web platform incorporates reading materials, co-writing pads and online chats as multiple interface entries. Read more


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Current Art Practices on Time and Technology

  1. Gretta Louw, plan b (Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers) , Igor Štromajer
14 January, 2012

In connection with the exhibition Controlling_Connectivity by Gretta Louw and the series Time and Technology Art Laboratory Berlin presents an artists’ talk on the theme current art practices on time and technology featuring Gretta Louw and plan b (Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers) as well as the internet artist Igor Štromajer

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  1. Performance
  2. Gretta Louw
2 November 2011 - 12 November 2011

Controlling_Connectivity uses the pervasiveness of internet-based social networking, as well as the obligation and opportunity for constant connection with these platforms as a paradigm for a severe and systematic disruption of normal, socially accepted patterns of life and interpersonal interaction during a self-documented performance.

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Events organized at and by Art Laboratory Berlin from February 2007 until December 2013

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