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Mind the Fungi

  1. Book Publication | TU Berlin University Press
December 2020
The project Mind the Fungi is a Citizen Science STEAM research project, which resulted from the cooperation of the Departments of Applied and Molecular Microbiology and Bioprocess Engineering of the TU Berlin and the art and research platform Art Laboratory Berlin. The scientific and artistic paths in the project Mind the Fungi, which we followed together with the public from 2018 to 2020, including the Art & Design Residencies, can now be traced in text and images in this book. It was intended to provide citizens with an opportunity for scientific collaboration in fungal biotechnology. Read More
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  1. Machines and Organisms, Artistic Positions in Times of Climate Change and Extinction
June 2018
Machine-organisms, organic machines: The dissolution of the boundaries between bodies and mechanics is on its way to normality – sentient prostheses, neuroimplants, neuroenhancement – posthumanism. The extinction of species is to be compensated by synthetic and mechanical organisms. How are these developments thought through artistically? What threats and promises are emerging? 41 artistic positions from 15 countries provide critical to visionary templates for the fields. This volume provides groundbreaking positions from apparative art, bioart (art that incorporates living organisms or cultures), and other approaches.
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[macro]biologies & [micro]biologies. Art and the Biological Sublime in the 21st Century

May 2015
This book provides a sustainable theoretical supplement to the [macro]biologies & [micro]biologies series which took place at Art Laboratory Berlin between 2013 and 2015. The whole programme consisted of four group shows, several seminars and talks on contemporary art and the life sciences. Four exhibitions – the biosphere, organisms, the bacterial sublime, and proteo – featured renowned international artists working across the borders between the arts and different fields of biology.