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  1. Reflecting Symbiosis
  2. Walk & Talk | Saša Spačal and Matthias Rillig
3 October 2022

In our last event of the festival artist Saša Spačal will introduce us into her artistic research about symbiosis and interspecies entanglements. Ecologist Matthias Rillig will give us an insight into his research on soil and plant ecologies especially on the symbiosis of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with plants.

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Mind the Fungi

  1. Mushroom Cultivation Courses | TOP Lab
Spring 2019 and Autumn 2019

TOP Lab will host a mushroom cultivation course where the participants will learn how to isolate and grow mushrooms for different purposes, such as packaging materials, furniture, building materials and even leather. The course will show how to set up a culture to grow edible mushrooms.

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Mind the Fungi

  1. Open Lab Night | Bioprocess Engineering
21 January 2020

Scientists will give an insight into the world of lichens and their potential for new natural products is presented. Afterwards, production tools, in particular bioreactors, that are used to reproduce the lichen cultures and their valuable materials, will be presented.

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Mind the Fungi

  1. Material Driven Design | Workshop
  2. Fara Peluso
6 May 2020

Based on material driven design methodologies Fara Peluso in this workshop explores possibilities and limits of mycelium-based materials. The participants discuss and work together on growing material, building sculptures, and drawing and cutting patterns on a new material made of biofilm.

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