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Tales of Weird Science and Cosmic Covenants

Film Screening | Tad Ermitaño

Art Laboratory Berlin welcomes you to the HACK THE PANKE Festival with various events like workshops, film screenings and walks on art, science and sound in Berlin-Wedding. In context of his solo exhibition Radyo Somatodelia: Experiments in Sonic Animism at Art Laboratory Berlin Philippine artist Tad Ermitaño will present a screening program featuring some of his film and video works.

As a self-described “refugee from the sciences” Ermitaño’s film work sketches an uneasy field in which a facility with technology collides with a kind of postcolonial guilt slamming its head against the limits of empiricism. The films selected for this program complement a practice that searches for correctives to technocratic hubris. Tropes from Science Fiction, Jungian metaphysics, experimental film and Folk Catholicism sketch a sense of a world deformed by forces corroding its underlying structures.

Film Program*

The Retrochronological Transfer of Information (10’33”)

Dumi (4’11”)

Tributaries (11’24”)

Eisenstein’s Monster (4’18”)

Sausage (14’05”)

Local Unit (9’11”)

Buddha Mayatronic (20’)                                                            

*Total running time 75 minutes.
All films – except Dumi, Tributaries and Buddha Mayatronic – were originally shot in/digitized as Standard Definition i.e. 640 x 480 and 720 x 480.


Papierstr. 11, 13409 Berlin

Date and time

3 September 2022!
Doors open at 8:00 pm
Start of Event at 8:30 pm


Tengal Drilon

ALB Team

Regine Rapp, Tuçe Erel, Christian de Lutz

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