Research in Art, Science and Humanities

With Daniela Silvestrin and Susanne Schmitt

Art Laboratory Berlin is delighted to invite you to take part in our new discursive format – a colloquium on research in art, science and humanities, curated by Regine Rapp (next to our new Reading Club, curated by Tuçe Erel).

The Colloquium addresses an international interdisciplinary research audience to present and discuss past, present or future projects by artists and scholars, curators or editors from the fields of art, science and the humanities. The topics could refer to an art project, a book, text or chapter, a research or exhibition project, a lab experiment, a lecture series, a conference concept or other.

The presentations and exchange will focus on the work-in-progress. Methodological approaches – theoretical or practical – are also of great interest here. While researching, we often tend to shift between practical inquiry and theoretical research, browsing various disciplines. Following the original meaning of colloquium as “speaking together”, we want to provide a platform for exchange and embrace various kinds of work processes which are often not seen or talked about.

Structure of the sessions: Each session will include two presentations followed by discussions, altogether 90 min. The colloquium welcomes informal conversations amongst the participants.

Speakers on 7 June Session

Daniela Silvestrin | Von Antennenwäldern und Wellenozeanen

Daniela Silvestrin is a curator, cultural researcher, and organiser-facilitator with a particular interest in practices that critically explore and question physical, ethical, and social boundaries and paradigms from an artistic perspective. Her work and research focuses on the potential of speculative and disruptive creative practices at the intersection of art, society and the techno-sciences, with the aim to envision sustainable futures and produce new forms of experimental knowledge.

In the Colloquium she will tell us about her ongoing project Von Antennenwäldern und Wellenozeanen. (https://antennenozeane.de/)

Susanne Schmitt | Haptic Hortus

Susanne Schmitt is a sociocultural anthropologist and sensory ethnographer, interdisciplinary artist, and facilitator. Her work focusses on creative collaborations within and beyond the label of “art meets science”, multispecies worlding, and the aesthetic dimensions of the workplace and sites of knowledge production like Museums of Natural History, aquariums, historical textile and fashion collections or Botanical Gardens. Her work includes choreographic audiowalks for Natural History Museums across the globe (“How to Not be A Stuffed Animal. Moving Museums of Natural History through Multispecies Choreogaphy”, with Laurie Young), broken cocktails for broken worlds (“Barfly, Danish National Gallery and other sites, with Kat Petroschkat), and ethnographic writing on workplace atmospheres and multispecies encounters. She is currently a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam.

In the Colloquium she will present her current work-in-progress Haptic Hortus, an installation on touch, which accompanies anthropologist and gardeners and botanists at the FU Berlin and the Botanical Gardens.


Art Laboratory Berlin,
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Date and time

Tue, 7 June 2022, 8 pm CET
This time on-site only (with rapid test of the same day)!
The colloquium takes place every 6 weeks
The colloquium meetings in 2022: 1 March, 12 April, 7 June, 12 July, 20 September, 8 November, 6 December (the last is an event of colloquium and reading club together)


Regine Rapp


Regine Rapp, Tuçe Erel,
Christian de Lutz

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