Former Team Members

Sandra Frimmel, co-founder and team member Autumn 2006 – September 2009. Art historian, is writing her doctoral thesis on the collision of art and law in contemporary art. She specialises in contemporary Russian art and the connection between social and artistic processes. She is a freelance writer for the Moscow Art Magazine, Iskusstvo and Artchronika. Currently she works as assistent curator at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. Sandra stayed active for many years in the Board of Art Laboratory Berlin.

Margareta Tillberg, co-founder and team member Autumn 2006 – January 2008. Art historian from Sweden. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin and Associate Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. From 1999 until 2001 she was a lecturer in Art Theory and Art History at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. She is also a member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA).

Olga Shmakova studied Art History at the Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU) in Moscow, with a research focus on modern and contemporary art (visual arts, installation art, art in context). In 2008/2009 she researched at the Humboldt University, Berlin on her project “The Search for an Ideal Artistic Language in the Multimedia Projects of the Russian Avant-garde and the German Bauhaus.” She has recently completed her Masters in Art History and Image Science with an outstanding master’s thesis on Synesthesia in art of the 20th century. Since 2011 Olga was an active team member of Art Laboratory Berlin and has for many years assisted in exhibition projects and events.

Kristina Stallvik
(b. 1999, NYC) is an artist and researcher with a dual BA in environmental and gender studies from Swarthmore College (2021). Working at this multidisciplinary intersection, their practice aims to subvert normative understandings of the “natural” and nonhuman ecosystems. As a culmination of their undergraduate studies, Kristina produced two zines: a comprehensive guide to an alternative environmental studies curriculum and an exploration of the emerging field, queer ecology, through speculative fiction. They have previously performed curatorial research for public arts organization, Creative Time, and collaborated on a workshop series with the contemporary art museum, Kunsthall Trondheim. For the whole year 2023 Kristina is a Chancellor Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation with Art Laboratory Berlin as the host institution. They work alongside ALB to research the collective structures that comprise independent artist book and zine publishing in Berlin.

Eva Papanikolaou is a theorist in contemporary art and activist. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Department of Archaeology and Art History of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where she focused on the Greek post-feminist artistic production. As part of her studies, she completed an internship at MoMUS Contemporary as a curatorial assistant where she specialized in applying transfeminist and inclusive practices in the museum environment. Following her initial studies, she is completing her Masters in Critical Theory of Contemporary Art, an interdisciplinary program between the Department of Political Science and the School of Fine Arts at the same university. She is an active transfeminist, anti-speciesist activist, and a proud member of Phylis Auth, a feminist and LGBTQIA+ student organization. Her main research interest is the discovery of the emancipatory possibilities of dwelling in crisis in large capitalist urban centres through community-based, participatory contemporary art practices. At Art Laboratory Berlin she assists current and upcoming exhibition and event series.

Art historian Alessia Sforza recently completed her Master’s in Management of Cultural Heritage from the University of Macerata. During her previous intership at the MUDESC School Museum in Macerata she had the opportunity to specialize in the field of museum accessibility. Through her academic studies and hands-on experience, she researched and implemented the museum accessibility strategies, tailoring them to the neurodiverse communities. In her Master’s thesis Telling the museum. Accessibility Strategies from Social Stories to Video Modeling, she explores inclusivity tools and techniques, with a major focus on cognitive and autism spectrum disorders. Driven by a strong passion for contemporary expression, she advocate the idea of cultural institutions as welcoming spaces, where all visitors can connect with art according to their own needs and find deep engagement and enrichment. At Art Laboratory Berlin she assists current and upcoming exhibition and event series, also taking into account possible accessibility strategies.

Julie Krejčí is a writer, visual artist and researcher. Having studied Film Production at Tomas Bata University, she worked as a Production Manager on several student films, shifting her focus from production to the visual aspect of film and screenwriting. Her interest in contemporary stories told through a feminist, post-colonial lens led her to study a research based interdisciplinary liberal arts degree in the Netherlands, where she graduated from Maastricht University with an Arts and Culture Degree in 2023, her Bachelor Thesis focusing on the use of morality as a form of oppression and corresponding radical acts of resistance. In the past she has worked as a researcher at Post&Garcia Gallery, and a writer for ODBK, a Berlin-based non-profit organisation focusing on the democratisation of art. Both as a research and as an artist, her interest lies at the intersection of politics, environmentalism and art, exploring the role of community and culture as a means of human perseverance. At Art Laboratory Berlin she is currently assisting on the exhibition Artificial Consciousness

Ina Mirzac is a visual artist and researcher on contemporary art. She studied Art Curatorship and Museology at UniBo Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and management of Activities and Cultural Heritage at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in 2021. She has explored the field of graphic design during high school and during her master at Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia. She is interested to understand the aspect of creative and cultural enterprise and the way they communicate. Her bachelor thesis investigates art as a social construct and reflects on the responsibility of the arts in the transmission of values, from an anthropological point of view. For her current master thesis, she plans to go deeper on her research and analyze the way to exhibit art, thus the meanings and values that the exhibition design could communicate. At Art Laboratory Berlin she assists current exhibition and event series, such as Matter of Flux.

Manila based composer, media artist, and cultural producer Tengal Drilon is involved in research-based production bridging art, technology, and society. He has been producing various media art events and initiatives in Manila and the Southeast Asian region since 2005, notably founding the art organization SABAW Media Art Kitchen in Manila as a curatorial platform specializing in digital and media art from Southeast Asia. In 2008 he founded the Philippines’ first international media art festival and symposium WSK Festival of the Recently Possible. In 2017 Tengal curated the INTERSTICES: Manifolds of The In-between exhibition with the Japan Foundation Asia Center. In 2018 he was the guest director for the Self-reflexivity: Thinking Media and Digital Articulations exhibition within the Tokyo media art festival MeCA | Media Culture in Asia: A Transnational Platform. In 2022 Tengal Drilon is curator-at-large at Art Laboratory Berlin and especially involved as co-curator of the project Hackers, Makers, Thinkers.

Karolina Zyniewicz is an artist (2009 graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lódz, Department of Visual Arts) and researcher, PhD student (Nature-Culture Transdisciplinary PhD Program at Artes Liberales Faculty, University of Warsaw). Working in a laboratory (mostly at the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw) locates her works in the field of what can be called ‘bio art’. She sees her liminal activity as situated knowledge production. She is mostly focused on life in its broad understanding, its biological and cultural meaning. Her projects have mostly conceptual, critical character. The main point of her PhD research interest are multilevel relations emerging during realization of liminal projects. She tries to put her observations, as an artist/researcher (liminal being), in the context of Science and Technology Studies (STS), Actor-Network Theory by Bruno Latour and feminist humanities. At Art Laboratory Berlin she is currently assisting on upcoming projects and exhibitions.

Researcher and artist Nina Szukała graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, majoring in Intermedia studies. She also completed studies in philosophy (UAM) and postgraduate studies in environmental management. Her scientific and artistic interests mainly focus on bacterial cells in philosophical and ecological contexts. She creates works in sound-bio-art. Microbiological soundscape took part in festivals such as Audio Art in Krakow (2020) and Tetramatica in Lviv (2021). The SWARM project was developed in collaboration with CNRS (Marseille). She is also involved as a social activist. In cooperation with the Institute of Public Affairs in Warsaw, she is involved in civil monitoring of waste. Waste in the context of philosophy, sociology and translational anthropology is a research field in which she is currently most interested. In her current Master thesis, she researches the relationship between post-natural bacterial cells, metabolic engineering, plastisphere and broadly understood bioplastics in terms of postnature and hybrids. At Art Laboratory Berlin she currently assists in the project MATTER OF FLUX.

Giada Sarmenti is an art historian from Italy who has a deep interest in contemporary art. She earned her Master’s in Visual arts from the University of Bologna in 2022. Throughout the research for her master’s thesis about the representation of the Berlin Wall in museums and monuments Giada had the opportunity to discover the importance of the curatorial work. At Art Laboratory Berlin Giada currently assists in ongoing and upcoming curatorial projects.

Frances Hennigan is a visual artist from the west of Ireland who frequently works in video, writing, exhibition making, farming and research. In 2022 she completed her Master’s in Art & Research Collaboration where she investigated group identity and isolation in subcultures of contemporary Irish society. By creating fictional worlds based on codes of behavioural conduct and language conventions from existing online social communities new worlds are rendered in video and writing and often reference gaming, avatars and ‘rules of game’. Frances is co-founder of cruxproject, a platform for pop-up exhibition making in response to the land. At Art Laboratory Berlin Frances currently assists in ongoing and upcoming curatorial projects.

Claudia Rao Hackett is in the process of completing her Bachelor degree in Design, at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands. She has previously studied a year of 3D Design at Kingston University, London. During her current studies she has also done an internship at Studio Krisztina Czika, in material experimentation and assisted in glass blowing with artist Marc Barreda. She aspires to combine her practical qualities in combination with a theoretical approach. At Art Laboratory Berlin Claudia assists in ongoing and upcoming curatorial projects, such as Hackers, Makers, Thinkers.

Giulia Garnieri
is now attending the Master’s in Visual Arts at the Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna, Italy. Before that, she graduated in Set Design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan with a thesis in Scenography and Cultural Anthropology. During her studies, she has also done an internship in a photo archive and has improve her archive skills with a course at the Fondazione F. Zeri in Bologna about “Cataloging and preservation of photo Archives” where she learned how to properly manage a photo archive and how to analyze, study and register a photo. At Art Laboratory Berlin Giulia currently assists in ongoing and upcoming curatorial projects, such as Hackers, Makers, Thinkers.

Neda Rimaitė has just finished her Bachelor degree in Fashion Design at Vilnius College of Design, Lithuania. She has spent a semester abroad studying sustainable fashion design in Copenhagen and worked with sustainable fashion projects. After graduating she has changed her field of interest and started volunteering at the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Association and in the cultural complex Sodas 2123 in Vilnius. She aspires to work with interdisciplinary art in the future. At Art Laboratory Berlin Neda currently assists in ongoing and upcoming curatorial projects, such as Hackers, Makers, Thinkers.

Jana Piotrowski is a freelance artist and student at the HfK Bremen in the sculpture/installation class. In her artistic practice she works primarily with organic matter and collectively producing systems. Through spatial installations she explores site-specific processes of change and development triggered by time. She is interested in how we are interwoven with our environment and the invisibilities in which we move and encounter. She sees networks that occur in nature and those in which we move in everyday life as examples of sustaining connections, encounters, and exchanges. Even before her internship at Art Laboratory Berlin, she moved in independent art and cultural collectives, working in collaborative contexts and DIY/DIWO formats. Currently, works of hers are on view as part of Smell it! Smell in Art at the Städtische Galerie Bremen. The annual exhibition of the BBK Bremen is a collaborative project on smell in contemporary art.

Madeleine Hammar is a Master’s Student in the field of New Media Technologies, participating in a combined EU program between Donau University Krems (Austria), Aalborg University (Denmark), and The University of Łódź (Poland). She has a background in Art History and Cultural Studies and interests in audience experiences, interactivity, and participatory culture as well as kinetics and robotics. At Art Laboratory Berlin Madeleine assists the curators in the exhibition Under the Viral Shadow.

Palooka Frank is an art historian and is currently finishing her master’s degree at the FU Berlin. Her research interest lies in contemporary interdisciplinary art which deals in particular with the interaction of humans with the environment and the animal world as well as with sustainability. In her master’s thesis, she explores an artist’s critical examination of human behaviour towards animals. At Art Laboratory Berlin Palooka worked on press and PR for the project THE CAMILLE DIARIES. New Artistic Positions on M/otherhood, Life and Care.

Ayla Warncke studies product design at the Hochschule Hannover and supported the team at Art Laboratory Berlin during her practical semester. During her studies an interest in interdisciplinary projects was awakened. The focus of her interest is the interface between design, cultural sciences and biotechnology. Working in this field is particularly exciting for her in combination with elements of futurology. At Art Laboratory Berlin, she assisted with The Camille Diaries exhibition and symposium

Natacha Lamounier is an artist and Master student in the Media Arts field with a multidisciplinary background in Materials Engineering from the Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and Fashion Design from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil). She holds Erasmus Mundus scholarship in a Master mobility program from the Universities of Krems (Austria), Aalborg (Denmark), and Lodz (Poland). Natacha is interested in researching interactive wearables, in the relations of the human body and non-humans agents, and also post-humanism studies. At Art Laboratory Berlin Natacha is assited the curators for the project THE CAMILLE DIARIES. New Artistic Positions on M/otherhood, Life and Care.

Silvia Cored is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin, linked to visual expression and focused on the research of Nature, Ecology, Transitional Art, Philosophy, Ecological Ethics, and Regenerative Art. Her work deals with existential issues approached from a personal perspective but always pursuing a universal language.In the last two years, she has been working on artistic projects related to Environmental Education through the Artistic tool.Her last two projects are Antroporremediadora (Bauernhof Grüna, Artist in Residence, Germany 2019) and Riu (Local Government of Valencia, Artist in Residence, Spain 2019). Both artworks are meant to show different concepts as Remediation, Interconnection or Resilience to manifest the urge for a societal change in our current times. At Art Laboratory Berlin she has been working on the 2020 program as part of an internship in connection with her studies at the Polytechnical University of Valencia

Guoda Treciokaite studied Nanoscience with Physics and Chemistry of advanced Materials at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. In 2019, she co-founded the magazine “Transparent” in Dublin focusing on sustainable fashion and intersecting environmental and social justice issues surrounding fast-fashion. In 2018, she did a research project on the behaviour of heptahelicenes adsorbed onto a superconductor in the Freie Universität Berlin with Prof. Dr. Franke. At Art Laboratory Berlin she had a practical internship from June- September 2019.

Utpala Sharma studied Biology at the Dayalbagh University in Agra India, with a research focus on Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biotech technology, and pharmacology etc. From 2010 to 2015 she researched at the Dayalbagh University, Agra on her project “Phylogenetic Studies in selected groups of Squamates in semi-arid region of Agra, India.” She received a fellowship by the University Grant Commission Research Fellowship in Science for Meritorious students, India, for research. She is currently employed with Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW). At Art Laboratory Berlin she was responsible for collecting and structuring data from various sources and generating actionable insights.

Cagla Aribal is a cultural researcher, literature enthusiast and essayist based in Berlin. She studied English Literature and Philosophy at Hacettepe University, Ankara and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Modernities at Potsdam University. She has worked for online magazines as content creator. Her research interests include, but not limited to the following areas; the aftermath of modernity with an emphasis on accelerationism, critical theory, post-human and post-digital studies. In Summer and Autumn 2018 she worked at Art Laboratory Berlin, assisting ongoing and upcoming exhibition projects.

Bilge Hasdemir has a background in Sociology and Media Arts. Her research interests include local media art histories, art & science and bioart. She worked on the Nonhuman Agentsseries at Art Laboratory Berlin.

Florence Razoux is a neurobiologist with a PhD in biomedical engineering from the ETH Zurich (CH) that rewarded her pioneer work in developing pharmacological magnetic resonance imaging methods in mice. She deepened her expertise in neuroimaging and brain physiology during her postdoctoral training at the UCSD (USA) and MDC Berlin (DE). Her scientific work on preclinical models of psychiatric disorders has been published in renowned biomedical journals. In parallel to her scientific career, Razoux is exploring a creative research landscape at the intersection between neurosciences, technology, design and art. Her work was presented in London (Burnout, 2015) and most recently at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin (Gray Matters, 2017). Sheworked on the Nonhuman Agents series at Art Laboratory Berlin.

Ida Skytte is an art history and museology student at Aarhus University, Denmark. She will be completing her BA in the summer of 2018, and plans on pursuing her master’s degree in art history in Aarhus afterwards. She currently works as a art educator at KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg and has a great interest in museum communication. During her internship at Art Laboratory Berlin in the spring of 2018 Ida assisted in research for future exhibition projects.

Anne Schreiber studied German literature, philosophy and economics at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. She has worked for national and international institutions for contemporary art, including Kunstverein Freiburg, Kunsthaus Dresden, de Appel arts center Amsterdam and Skulptur Biennale Münsterland. She has also conceived and curated exhibitions on internet art and on theory production within the art system. In 2013, she was selected to attend a workshop by the Independent Curators International (ICI) in New York. In 2016, along with Svenja Schüffler, she founded the “Institute for Uncertain Knowledge” IUK Berlin. She also worked as an author for the Badische Zeitung, artnet Magazine Berlin, Berlin Gazette, Der Tagesspiegel, De: Bug, Telepolis and artline. Schreiber was a member of the PhD-Net “Das Wissen der Literatur” at the Humboldt University and the Postgraduate programme “Automatisms” at the University of Paderborn. Anne Schreiber is currently writing her dissertation on the early history of biochemistry, history of science and management theory in the US in the early 20th century. She was responsible for Press and PR for the Nonhuman Agents series at Art Laboratory Berlin.

Emily Greenberg is a film student studying at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. She is interested primarily in experimental documentary and video work that deals with biography, performance and gender. She is co-leader of a film club at Bard which manages and screens from the archives of Miranda July’s Joanie4Jackie video project, and which provides a platform for female students to screen and discuss their own work. During a semester studying at Bard College Berlin she worked as an an intern at Art Laboratory Berlin.

Annalisa Zegna is an Italian visual artist. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and Iuav University in Venice. In 2015 she had a year-long residency in Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice. Her practice focuses on social issues and relationships, paying specific attention to the place and the environment where she lives. She uses different media, such as video, performance and installation. She worked at Art Laboratory Berlin as an intern in Summer and Autumn 2016, assisting on our 2016-7 programme.

Jothi F Xavier is from Vadodara, India. He is the founder & director of Green the Blue Trust, which is working in the field of art and ecology. In 2013, he received a fellowship on Warli art from IFA, Bangalore. He has documented new developments in Warli art and recently curated exhibitions in Vadodara and Ahmedabad( He is the visiting lecturer teaching Art & Aesthetics in JDV, Pune, and holds a Master’s degree in Art History from M S University, Vadodara. As an ATSA fellow (Art Think South Asia) for 2015-2016 he is doing a secondment at Art Laboratory Berlin.

Ewelina Kaliszczuk is visual artist from Poland. She graduated in neurobiology at Jagiellonian University, and from the faculty of Painting at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, both in Krakow. She now specializes in oil painting, printmaking and works on paper on such topics as the human body, the psyche, the feminine, sensuality, and the importance of anxiety in artistic practice.
During her internship at Art Laboratory Berlin she assisted ongoing and future exhibition projects.

Selena Frandsen is a filmmaker and film student. Originally from Chicago, she is getting her BFA in Film Production at Bard College, in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. She co-runs A Home Away From Home: A Movie Site and creates her own experimental video projects that meditate on themes of depression, womanhood and memories. While working at Art Laboratory Berlin, she studied at Bard College Berlin.

Benjamin Warner is a visual artist from London, England. He is currently studying for a BFA (Industrial) at University of Leeds, UK. His practice and research is centred around 3D rendering and sculpture, influenced by Object Oriented Ontology and Technological Hauntings in the age of the Anthropocene. He investigates how contemporary culture blends mythology and science. In early 2016 he worked at Art Laboratory Berlin assisting ongoing and upcoming exhibition projects.

Alanna Lynch is a visual artist originally from Montreal, Canada. She recently completed an MFA at Academy Valand in Gothenburg, Sweden in the area of performance and material practice, working with the affects surrounding feelings of fear and disgust. She holds a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, a BA in Psychology from Queen’s University and a BFA from Concordia University. Her work is interdisciplinary combining this education with studies in the life sciences and experiences as a social justice activist and community organizer. She has exhibited internationally.

Aleid de Jong is an art historian. In 2014 she obtained her BA in Art History at Utrecht University, with a focus on modern and contemporary art. She is planning to pursue the master ‘Art in the Contemporary World’ at Leiden University. Her research interests concern interdisciplinary research, art theory and the role of politically engaged art within a technologically advanced world. As an intern at Art Laboratory Berlin, Aleid researched both theoretical and practical aspects of the Autumn 2015 and 2016-17 programmes.

Elizabeth Sawyer will be completing her BA in Fine Art at the University of Lincoln, UK in September, to graduate in July 2016. She has deferred her final year to study BA Integrated Design for one semester at the Hochschule Anhalt University, Germany, as part of the Erasmus Exchange Program. In Spring 2015 she interned at Art Laboratory Berlin, working on the spring exhibition as well as researching for our 2016-17 programme.

Eva Jera Hanžek,
a visual artist from Ljubljana, Slovenia, is currently finishing her Master Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia, working in painting, illustration and installation. She is an intern at Art Laboratory Berlin working on the realisation of the 2015 programme and preparations for upcoming project

Chiara Cartuccia
is an Italian art historian and independent art writer. She studied Art History at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, and completed a period of study and research at Freie Universitaet Berlin. In 2012 she completed a Master Degree in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths College, University of London, presenting a final dissertation focused on the construction of artistic subjectivity in the Postmodern context. Chiara interned at Art Laboratory Berlin in 2013 and led a panel in the Synaesthesia conferenceand. In 2014 she followed up with a special post-production project on “Time &Technology”.

Chiara Donelli studied Art History at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, specializing in contemporary art museology. She also worked for more than 2 years in Collezione Maramotti, a private Contemporary art collection in Reggio Emilia (It). She is a final year student of the Graduate Degree in Cultural Management (GIOCA), Economy Faculty of University of Bologna. She is completed an internship at Art Laboratory Berlin in Spring/Summer 2014, helping with exhibitions preparations and work on the public outreach program for Summer 2014. She also researched about independent art spaces for her final dissertation.

Katarina Hergouth is an art history student at the Department of Art History at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she has just started the masters program. At Art Laboratory she is did an internship in Spring/Summer 2014, working on ongoing exhibitions and preparations programming. She is interested in modernism, architecture and increasingly in contemporary art.

Eirini Kokkinidou is a final year student at the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Ionian University, in Greece, where she is currently working on her thesis. At Art Laboratory Berlin she completed an internship in 2014 and is involved in the preparation and realization of the 2014 programme.

Anastasia Shavlokhova is a contemporary art curator, born in Saint-Petersburg (SPB), Russia. She studied history of art in Saint-Petersburg, where she also was one of the founders and artistic director of Open-Studio Nepokorennie. Anastasia was the curator and a founder of the START project to support young Russian art at the WINZAVOD center in Moscow. Anastasia is a stipendee of the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Stiftung (German Chancellor Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) for 2012-13.

Ashley Chang studied English literature and philosophy at Stanford University in California and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2013. She will pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism at Yale University beginning in the fall of 2013. Ashley is currently doing an internship at Art Laboratory Berlin.

Chiara Massari studied art history and literature at the University of Urbino, Carlo Bo, where she received her BA in 2011. In 2009/2010 she also studied at the Free University in Berlin. In 2013 Chiara completed an internship at Art Laboratory Berlin assisting production of current and upcoming exhibitions and events.

Nilufer Sasmazer studied Cinema-Television-Media studies in Istanbul where she worked in various cultural organizations. She received her master’s degree in Cultural Management from the University of Lumiere Lyon 2 in France. During her internship in Art Laboratory Berlin, from April to August 2012, she worked on organizing events and fundraising for future programming. She is currently working in Istanbul Art News, a monthly newspaper on contemporary art.

Filipa Rolaça studied Marketing and Advertising at School of Communication and Media Studies, Lisbon, and she is studying Artistic Studies: Compared Arts and Cultures at the Lisbon University. She has worked as cultural management assistant at La Morue Noire and Escale du Livre, in Bordeaux. She has also collaborated with ControversasIdeias, an artistic association based in Portugal. She attended a Cultural Management workshop at Circulo de Bellas Artes, in Madrid. At Art Laboratory Berlin she is worked on fundraising for 2012 projects.

Kerstin Karge studied architecture at the Art Academy Berlin Weißensee. Since 2003 she has worked in the field of cultural management for Eigen + Art Berlin, forabilidi, arttransponder und Art Laboratory Berlin among others. She is a co-founder of BIOS (Bürgerinitiative Oderberger Straße) und co-initiator and coordinatior of the Network of Berlin Art Project Spaces and Initiatives.

Rola Khayyat is a visual artist from Lebanon, working in photography and painting, and now living in Berlin. She studied History at the American University of Beirut and figurative art at the Florence Academy of Art, as well as contemporary art at Metafora in Barcelona. She is currently developing a body of work on war-child memory and nostalgia, as well as assisting ongoing projects at Art Laboratory Berlin.

Lucía Ayala is an art historian and curator. Her main fields of research are the visual history of modern astronomy and so-called media art through both theoretical and curatorial practice. She worked as an assistant professor in the Art History & Music at the University of Granada and at MECAD, Barcelona. Currently Ayala is an associate in the research group Das technische Bild at the Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik, Humboldt University of Berlin, where she has recently completed her PhD.

Oleksandra Gomeniuk studied arts and aesthetics at the European College of Liberal Arts (ECLA) in Berlin. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in her hometown of Kyiv (Ukraine), Oleksandra moved to Berlin in order to explore the vibrant art scene of the city and study art history. She wrote a research project on the meaning of ‘Beauty’, as an aesthetic category, in contemporary visual arts. At Art Laboratory Berlin she assited in ongoing exhibition projects from March to June 2011, as well as being involved in preparations for the 2012 program.

Christina Korzen, art historian, studied in Freiburg and Berlin (major concentration: contemporary art) In 2010 she graduated from the Free University (Berlin) with an MA. Her Master’s thesis was on “the Exhibition Concepts of Wolfgang Tillmans”. During her internship with the Art Laboratory Berlin from January to March 2011 she was responsible for PR, press and guided tours for the exhibition “Sol LeWitt. Artist’s Books”.

Heiko Pfreundt, visual artist, studied Art Education at the University of Bremen. He graduated with a Dipl.Designer at the Academy of Art, Bremen. In 2009 Heiko worked as a culture manager at the project space JET at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. In 2010 he curated the exhibition Ganze / Teile am Treptower Park along with Heiko Rintelin Berlin. At Art Laboratory Berlin Heiko Pfreundt was responsible for communication design from December 2010 until March 2011.

María León Barquero, a visual artist from Spain working in video, textiles, drawing and installation, was an intern at Art Laboratory Berlin during Summer 2010. Her degree in Fine Arts was combined with several workshops done with such artists as Antoni Muntadas, Ben Patterson or Gary Hill. She finished her thesis entitled “El abrigo en el arte contemporáneo” in the Department of Art History at Complutense University of Madrid in 2010.

Olga Neifer, art historian, worked as an intern for Art Laboratory Berlin from October 2009 until February 2010. She was responsible for research on the exhibition project Creative Rights as well as being involved in the development of ongoing and future projects.

Pamina Gerhardt, art historian and music scholar, has concentrated on contemporary art, especially film. After completing her master’s thesis at the Humboldt University on Tacita Dean she worked on two large exhibition projects at The Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (Darwin – Art and the Search for Origins) and the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina in Naples (Francesco Clemente – Shipwreck with the Spectator). From August to December 2009 she was responsible for the Press and PR on the exhibition project Seized, and also worked on the catalogue as a translator and proofreader.

Til Wittwer, artist with a BA in Theater Studies, worked for Art Laboratory Berlin as an intern from April – August 2009. Till worked on preparations and installation of the exhibition Ztohoven. Media Reality, and on translations for the catalogue of Seized, as well as on funding for our 2010 programs. He also was involved in arranging workshops and as a liason with local organisations.

Vanessa Albolafio,artist and textile designer, worked for Art Laboratory Berlin as an intern September 2008 – April 2009. Vanessa worked on the preparations and installation of Subjective Events, Sometimes Recorded, Hier Wäre das Leben Leicht, and CAT. Monstration. She also worked on redisigning press materials, web presence and organisational identity.