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Solidarity | Earthquake

We ask for your Solidarity with those effected by the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

On February 6, a multitude of 7.7 and 7.6 consecutive earthquakes in 9 hours in Kahramanmaraş caused a devastating destructions in Southeast Türkiye and Northern Syria.

We are sad and in solidarity with people who lost their families, friends and homes in these disasters and we would like to draw your attention that it is important to support people in need.

There are several independent organisations in Türkiye and Syria, which are working in the field and helping people to survive during these harsh winter conditions. Within 9 hours, millions of people became homeless. So every little penny would help to support their current temporary shelters.

Here are some organisations to support. The list is collected by Collective Cukurcuma, a close friend to one of our team members, Tuçe Erel.

AHBAP is a Turkish NGO aiming to provide all kinds of aid to people in need, in kind and in cash. AHBAP has been very active in helping people affected by natural disasters in Turkey.

If you are considering making donations to AHBAP, you can access the payment details by the following link: https://lnkd.in/dSrR_Nv.

As the website is in Turkish, for your convenience, the relevant Swift details are as follows:

For USD donations:
Account Holder: AHBAP DERNEGİ
Swift Code: ISBKTRIS
IBAN: TR320006400000210212150262

For EUR donations:
Account Holder: AHBAP DERNEGİ
Swift Code: ISBKTRIS
IBAN: TR150006400000210212150277

For GBP donations:
Account Holder: AHBAP DERNEGİ
Swift Code: ISBKTRIS
IBAN: TR370006400000210212260849  

AKUT is a voluntary association involved in searching, assisting and rescuing people by means of trained, disciplined, high-standard personnel and equipment.

Via the following link, you can either make donations with your credit card or you can find AKUT’s payment details for swift payments: https://lnkd.in/dMUVREFV

The White Helmets – The Syria Civil Defence, better known as the White Helmets, consists of about 3,000 volunteer first responders who “come from all walks of life,” including bakers, tailors, pharmacists, firefighters and engineers.You can make donations directly from their website –https://www.whitehelmets.org/en/  

Or support & donate to:

– Turkey Mozaik Foundation Kahramanmaras Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund

– CDP Turkey & Syria Earthquake Recovery Fund to help earthquake-affected communities

– Turkish Philanthropy Funds – Earthquake Relief Fund

– Care Organisation Fund

– Doctors Without Borders

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