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Integrating Nature’s elegant solutions into the design process

Dr. Prateep Beed

Biomimicry is a creative method for sustainable innovation and product design in today’s world. The key concept of biomimicry is that Nature – during her 3.8 billion years of existence and constant evolution – has solved most of our problems in very elegant and clean ways: Nature masters energy production, water supply / cleaning, food production, transportation, and cooperation – things we are struggling with.

Biomimicry Germany e.V. is a team of multi-disciplinary experts using Biomimicry as a creativity and innovation tool. As such it creates novel solutions that are sustainable, more efficient and cost-effective thereby spearheading an entirely new direction. It focuses on design principles that have been tested by Nature for billions of years and proven to be successful. It taps upon the huge potential of Nature’s wisdom and solution space using the genius surrounding us.

During the Talk Dr. Prateep Beed will try to inspire you to look at nature with a different eye – as a rich solution space for elegant designs with local adaptation combined with efficient strategies for sustainable innovations.

Dr. Prateep Beed, Co-Founder Biomimicry Germany e.V.
A bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering helped Prateep Beed to learn the basics of innovation & design. Soon he realized that machine design is far from humanized design since prototypes often lack the individualism required to cater to the needs of everyone yet at an individual level. He then pursued a master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology & Neurosciences to better understand and relate to the human mind. Prateep went on to complete his PhD in 2010 in Neuroscience thematically focussing on spatial navigation & decision making. In 2011, he was awarded the Tiburtius-Award for young investigators doing exceptional research. In 2012, He co-founded of Biomimicry Germany, a think-and-do-tank to foster sustainable innovation inspired by nature. At present, he works as a senior research scientist at the Charité University Medicine, Berlin.


The talk takes place in the context of the exhibition [macro]biologies II: organisms


Art Laboratory Berlin
at PA 58
Prinzenallee 58, 13359 Berlin

Dates and opening hours / Date and time

27 June, 2014 at 6.30 PM


Regine Rapp & Christian de Lutz


Regine Rapp, Christian de Lutz, Olga Shmakova, Eirini Kokkinidou, Katarina Hergouth, Chiara Donelli

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Tim Deussen

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Biomimicry Germany e.V.

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