Art and Text III
Prinzenallee A Play without Dialog
by Birgit Szepanski

24 November - 6 January
opening 23 November, 8pm/ Artist's talk 6 January 2008, 5PM
Sat/Sun 2 - 6 pm (closed 22 December 2007 - 02 January 2008)

Birgit Szepanski, Prinzenallee.a Play without Dialog, Photograph, 2007
  In her installations the Berlin artist Birgit Szepanski composes an aesthetic form of urban space using word and image, in which the walls, floor, windows and doors of the exhibition space become part of the art work. Taking regular walks through urban localities is a major part of the artist's production process, during which she collects thoughts, words and images of the city for her exhibition projects in Germany and abroad. There is a correlation between the architectural and bibliophile aspects in her artist's books, photographs, films and audio pieces.

As part of the exhibition series "Art and Text" Birgit Szepanski will present a site specific work for Art Laboratory Berlin. Prinzenallee. A Play without Dialog is an installation encompassing both exhibition rooms, and relating to the street outside the art space in Berlin-Wedding. Film, photography and text envisage traces of this street. In an explicitly minimalist manner the street unfolds into the exhibition space. In her texts Birgit Szepanski consciously lets different literary genres intermingle: Description and narration, transcripts and monologues transform the play into an urban labyrinth, where fiction and reality seem to oscillate. The exhibition space becomes a crime site and the visitor a voyeur, who enters intimate urban zones through image, sound and text.

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